The turnkey solution for perfect store execution

We identify gaps and opportunities in stores in real-time and we send these directly to sales managers and to their field teams, so they can take actions

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Get real-time in-store data you can rely on

We leverage a crowd of 2M+ people to collect in-store data, that we turn into actionable intelligence using proprietary image recognition & machine learning technologies.

It provides our clients with the only integrated continuous solution measuring in-store KPIs in near real-time. 


Give your sales team the field guidance they need

Our Field Compass gives field reps the complete view of which stores require a visit, what and where the issues are and what specific actions must be taken accordingly. 

We boost the performance of field teams, as we liberate them from data collection and empower them with the most relevant in-store insights.


Monitor your retail execution from your desk

Our Retail Execution Cockpit is the only tool you need to monitor your retail execution performance.

We give sales managers not only an access to all in-store KPIs at the most granular level, but also the ability to set priorities for their team and follow their execution.

implement the 'Lean Go-To-Market' strategy

Transform your team into the resource it was always meant to be: empower your field forces with actionable insights and give yourself the intelligence you need to improve your in-store execution by up to 30%.

We’ll get you to perfect store Execution.
In every single store.

Reach the ultimate goal of the ‘Perfect Store’ and maximise your sales opportunities. To win at the moment of truth, products must be physically present, displayed the right way, accompanied by their promotional activities, and even sometimes recommended by the store’s staff.

Our objective is to provide you with the metrics you need to master your store execution across channels & formats. By defining and monitoring a number of specific KPIs at the store level, you’ll be able to drive retail execution excellence and build upon your ‘Perfect Store’ strategy.

We notify you when products are out of stock

Peak Trading Out of Stock (PTOOS) is a fundamental metric, tied to the availability of hero SKUs during the hours of the week they are most in-demand. 

Our innovative solution allows manufacturers to continually measure, analyse and act-upon stores where brands are out of stock – or almost out of stock – during these busy periods. These insights are used to improve availability and increase sales.

We Report Assortments And Shares Of Shelf – For Your Products And Your Competitors’

With 70% of a consumer’s purchase decision making happening in front of the shelf, achieving the ‘Perfect Shelf’ is the most significant battleground for brands today.

BeMyEye’s solution puts the full picture of execution in your hands by visiting a large weighted distribution of all types of modern trade to collect on-shelf sales fundamental data, such as “Availability”, “Assortment compliance”, “Number of facings”, “Regular price” and “Promotional price”.

We Let You Know If Stores Comply With Your Promotional Plans

Promotional activity is a fundamental tactic that drives incremental sales. However, the successful in-store activation can be a challenge to measure, as they are often spanned in a multitude of channels, across multiple banners in thousands of stores. 

Our promotional compliance tracking solution monitors the effectiveness of activation of all your promotional campaigns against joint business plan agreements and field force team targets.

We Tell You Which Products Are Recommended By The Stores’ Staff

The professional opinions of a member of retail staff can be essential for increasing sell-out potential and achieving brand growth. According to recent shopping behaviour studies, it drives about 70% of consumers purchase decisions. As a consequence, this has a massive impact on brands market shares and sales performance.

Our mystery shopping brand recommendation solution reveals the brand of choice from highly influential retail staff and pharmacists when approached for advice by consumers.

Ready to take your field force to the next level?

We work with more than 300 leading FMCG, Consumer Electronics and Pharmaceutical companies, such as Nestle, PepsiCo, Ferrero, Samsung, Dyson, GSK, Reckitt Benckiser and many others.

“We’ve generated 30% improvement in retail execution and 70% in the brand recommendation rate of our product by using field data collected by BeMyEye.”

Vangelis Matthaiopoulos
Head of Shopper, Retail and Omnichannel Insights Europe at Samsung

“Our company sets quite high standards, but BeMyEye does the job with attentive attitude to customers and willingness to help 24 hours a day.”

Anastasia Voronkova
Sales Force Effectiveness Lead at GSK

“Thanks to BeMyEye, we’re now able to measure our in-store performances in real-time taking corrective actions only where they’re needed.”

James Ahlers
Head of Consumer Insights at Paddy Power Betfair

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