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GSK Consumer Healthcare x BeMyEye

Thanks to the granular data collected by BeMyEye, GSK Consumer Healthcare has been able to evaluate the performance of its sales reps and to develop a personalized incentive system.


Why in-store execution has changed forever – and what you need to do to succeed

[November update] BeMyEye has asked Neil Preddy – a research expert and former Nielsen executive – to conduct a study on the impact of the current Covid-19 crisis on in-store execution. Our first version published in June has proved a solid foundation for him to refine his conclusions in this second edition, which considers the ongoing changes in retail.

Covid 19 Trade Channels Impact

What the impact of Covid-19 on offline trade channels means for your sales team

It’s no news to you: the Covid-19 pandemic has posed a significant challenge to sales teams monitoring offline trade channels. Consumers are altering their behaviours and opting for different channels according to new restrictions. This shift in customer preferences has an immediate knock-on effect for in-store execution. Heads of Sales, must decide where to allocate resources to ensure that their perfect store strategies have the greatest impact.

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