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The anatomy of a product facing

The anatomy of a product facing

No matter how a CPG wants to track their perfect store KPIs, one metric will always be relevant to their success: facings. A simple concept that carries so much weight when it comes to making a sale, facings always need to be in the back of your mind. Let’s jump into why.

8 best sites to get your retail news

8 best sites to get your retail news

Retail never sleeps, meaning neither does the news cycle. With so many places out there trying to fill you in on all the latest CPG & retail news, we’ve broken down the top eight publications that you need to have in your favourites.

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Shelf Placement: Where to be and how to get there

Share of shelf is important to every CPG, but if the quality of your placement isn’t up to scratch, you may as well not be there at all. It’s no good taking up space where no one can see you, so your job when tackling this KPI is to figure out where you want to be. Or, we could just tell you instead.

Share of Shelf in Retail

Everything you need to know about Share of Shelf

In the world of offline retail, share of shelf is what will make or break a CPG’s profits. You may think you know the concept, but understanding the true importance of this KPI is another story.

Cover: How do CPGs track their promotions?

How do CPGs track their promotions?

From the KPIs to the tech to people themselves – we’ve got the lowdown on how your competitors are tracking their promotions, as well as where they’re succeeding and how you can overtake them.

Cover: Why Promotion Monitoring is ESSENTIAL for sales success during the holidays

Why Promotion Monitoring is ESSENTIAL for sales success during the holidays

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or Easter, Christmas or Black Friday, it’s no secret that sales figures go through the roof during the holidays. With all these extra spends, it’s a no brainer for CPGs to take full advantage of this and whip up an offer to get consumers excited. But when all is said and done, how can you know that both you and your customers are truly getting the most out of your promotion? Well, the secret to that’s in the title of this blog.

Article: What is Promotion Monitoring?

What is Promotion Monitoring and why is it so important?

When CPGs spend up to 20% of their total revenue on promotions, it only makes sense to check that you’re getting what you paid for.

Well, it’s a good job that Promotion Monitoring exists to help you do just that.


GSK Consumer Healthcare x BeMyEye

Thanks to the granular data collected by BeMyEye, GSK Consumer Healthcare has been able to evaluate the performance of its sales reps and to develop a personalized incentive system.

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