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4 countries, 12 categories, 19 supermarket chains, 280 industry experts, 400 SKUs and 40,000 peak trading OOS checks.


Paddy Power Betfair x BeMyEye

Paddy Power Betfair, the leading FTSE 100 international sports betting and gaming operator, is working with BeMyEye to offer their customers a market-leading in-store betting experience. Through this partnership, Paddy Power aims to ensure that staff are providing a superior level of customer service and that stores are maintaining their high standards at all 600 shops in the UK and Ireland at all times.

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BeMyEye and Paddy Power Betfair sign new 2-year commitment

BeMyEye, Europe’s leading data as a service (DAAS) provider, and Paddy Power Betfair, a leading FTSE 100 international sports betting and gaming operator, have joined forces to offer Paddy Power customers a market-leading in-store betting experience, by ensuring staff are providing a superior level of customer service at all 650 shops in the UK and Ireland, all the time.


McCurrach x BeMyEye

The UK and Ireland’s leading field sales and field marketing experts, McCurrach, and Europe’s leader in data powered merchandising, BeMyEye, formed a partnership to revolutionise field marketing for brands and retailers. This innovative partnership brings together McCurrach’s highly skilled on-demand workforce within their Wave division, together with the speed, granularity and cost-effectiveness of BeMyEye’s crowd technology and on-demand data gatherers in one disruptive unified service.


Razor Brand x BeMyEye

Thanks to actionable data provided by BeMyEye, a leading Personal Care brand can monitor their key sales fundamentals to improve on-shelf availability during peak trading hours in the United Kingdom. This helps them to eliminate sales being lost due to out of stock products.

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MSC Cruises x BeMyEye

MSC Cruises partners with BeMyEye to improve the effectiveness of its marketing budget, increase revenues and create ‘the perfect store’.


Rapport x BeMyEye

With BeMyEye, Rapport is able to track the compliance of its billboards and take corrective action, which is especially important in the early days of launching an advertising campaign. This data is also used to provide confirmation to Rapport’s customers of their media advertising costs

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Improving the return of OOH Media Spend for Multinational Consumer Brands

Beginning in September 2013, Rapport had a specific need to support one of their global consumer electronics customers with a three-year campaign across 212 billboards in the UK. The client wished to see photographic evidence of all billboards in situ, as well as specific insights on their implementation.

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