Create a frictionless, lightning-speed checkout experience with computer vision technology

Enter, shop, exit.

With our market-leading technology you can create the shopping experience of the future. Tens of thousands of products can be recognised in real-time with customer journeys automatically mapped across stores.

Creating cashierless stores can be easy


Simple integration

The setup process is hassle-free and quick, allowing you to get started in a matter of days without altering the store structure in any way.
We can retrofit ani store with inexpensive cameras.


Always up to date​

Add new products, packagings and promotions anytime you like. We only need a few pictures and the new SKU will be instantly recognized, without the need to retrain our AI


Accurate and scalable​

No datasets required. Our proprietary AI allows you to scale at speed and has state-of-the-art accuracy. Used daily by global FCGMs and brands.


Build with us or retrofit

Seamlessly integrate with ease, our platform is designed to work just as easily in new or existing stores, from implementation to execution.

Meet YOUR needs

Our technology can offer different solutions to meet the needs of stores of all sizes, enabling a variety of unique customer experiences

The fully frictionless experience

The most fluid shopping experience possible, with no requirement for the customer to download an app or register.

No barrier at entrance 

ID assigned automatically 

No signup needed

Pick items and store in your bag

Verify your cart at checkpoints

Pay with credit/debit card

Paper or digital receipt via QR scan

Enriched experience

Using a dedicated app the customer is provided with a more personalised, enriched shopping experience.

Enter by tapping credit/debit card or scan a QR code to launch the app experience.

Pick items and store in your bag

Check cart total in App and access store information

Simply walk out. The system detects when the customer leaves the shop and charges the payment method in the app.

Receive the receipt directly in the App or scan QR / print when using credit card access

Go hybrid

A solution for stores that want to keep certain traditional shopping options but add modern innovation. Create an approach that works for you.

Choose the shopping experience you want your customers to have.

Pick items and store in your bag

The smart checkout is side by side to the traditional counter

Pay with credit/debit card

Paper or digital receipt via QR scan

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