Beintoo announces partnership with BeMyEye to validate geo-location of stores and POIs

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The mobile data company, chosen by PwC for Forbes as one of the most innovative Italian companies, is announcing a partnership to increase the precision of geo-behavioural and proximity marketing campaigns.

Beintoo, the Italian mobile data company leader in location based and geo-behavioural advertising, is announcing a new partnership with BeMyEye, Europe’s leading mobile crowdsourcing business. Aim of the partnership is to increase the effectiveness of mobile drive-to-store campaigns offered to Beintoo clients, thanks to a precise geo-location validation of Beintoo point of interests (POI).

Thanks to this partnership, Beintoo will access the BeMyEye platform, that aggregates data from more than 650 thousands point of sales in 19 European countries, collected by a team of 600 thousands mobile users, known as “Eyes”, that will validate the geo-location of thousands of locations: using the BeMyEye application, the “Eyes” will be able to confirm, taking a simple picture, the precise latitude and longitude of every single store with a precision of 10 meters.

The partnership with BeMyEye will strength Beintoo’s leading position in Italy in the mobile advertising market, thanks to a better understanding of offline behaviour. Measuring with a higher precision where a specific point of sales is (as a restaurant, a fashion store or any other place as gym or movie theatre) is fundamental to better define users offline interests and track the footfall of a drive to store campaign. This is an additional service that confirm Beintoo commitment to innovation, recently recognised by PwC for Forbes in the chart of the top 27 most innovative companies in Italy.

“Thanks to BeMyEye, Beintoo will be able to offer to its clients a unique precision, in terms of few meters, of the geo-location of thousands of local businesses” said Andrea Campana, CEO of Beintoo. “Most of the products we are competing with, built their database of stores with rough tools (i.e. postal addresses), that is not enough especially if you need to identify stores within large malls”.

“Beintoo and Bemyeye share the same passion for providing innovative solutions for their customers’ needs” commented Luca Pagano, CEO of BeMyEye. “The use of BeMyEye’s groundbreaking data collection methodology to optimise Beintoo’s drive-to-store campaigns is a brilliant example of this”, Pagano concluded.

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