BeMyEye & Bosch Appliances improved the effectiveness of in-store promotional activities

Thanks to its innovative mobile crowdsourcing Data as a Service (Daas) solution, BeMyEye allowed the multinational company to confirm its brand presence in-store and test the effectiveness of staff training to optimise performance in every store.
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Bosch, a leading multinational brand in consumer electronics, and BeMyEye, the leading European player in mobile crowdsourcing, today present the findings from a campaign to check the in-store activation of their products, and reveal the effectiveness of staff training when prompted for more information on the Bosch appliances.

With traditional methods of data collection slow and costly, Bosch wanted to find a quicker solution that would allow them to verifying the effectiveness of the retail staff training program and identify areas for improvement on an individual store level. For this reason, the company decided to use BeMyEye: The company is home to a crowd of more than 3,000,000 on demand workers know as “Eyes”. The Eyes use the BeMyEye smartphone app to complete missions on behalf of multinational clients at any Point Of Sales (POS) across Europe, with every insight verified for quality by BeMyEye before being uploaded in real-time to a customer dashboard, allowing clients to action the data straight away.

In just 11 days the Eyes were able to carry out missions on presence of Bosch products and interact with shop staff in more than 500 POS across Italy, with more than 50% of missions completed in the first 48 hours.

“In a such a highly competitive market to get insights in real time on the brand’s visibility and effectiveness of the staff training undertaken is essential to make strategic decisions,” says Manuela Ricci, Trade Marketing Manager BSH Home Appliances. “Today, BeMyEye have become an integral part of measuring the effectiveness of in-store activation on a regular basis. We’ve moved from a self-subjective evaluation of the Bosch brand, to an independently run campaign set up against clear KPIs, which makes it highly measurable and accurate with supporting images. With the ability to capture the shopping experience in all the different stores we were able to make specific suggestions on how to improve the consumer experience at an individual store level, and make customer engagement much more effective.”

Roberta Parmini, Commercial Director of BeMyEye commented, “Today the availability of data – objective and measurable – from the real world is an absolute necessity for companies, which have to be able to intervene rapidly where necessary. With the crowd we have entered a new era, with rapid data collection, on a granular level, cost-effectively and precise as never before. As the success of the project with Bosch demonstrates, BeMyEye represents the ideal partner for all activities aimed at improving the in-store performance.”

If you’d like to learn more about how BeMyEye can help to improve your retail execution using real-time image recognition and our crowd of 3-million independent auditors, click here to get started, or contact us directly at and a specialist will be in touch.

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