BeMyEye and Samsung Talk Retail Execution at MRMW 2017

On Wednesday 8th November 2017, BeMyEye’s CEO Luca Pagano was joined on stage at MRMW 2017 in Berlin by Samsung’s European Head of Omnichannel Insights, Vangelis Matthaiopoulos, to share learnings from a year of improving retail execution using insights from BeMyEye.
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Q: Why did you choose BeMyEye?

A: It was a year ago that I attended MRMW 2016 in London. At the time, I did not come with an agenda to find a solution to a specific issue rather than find inspiration on how we could take shopper and retail research to the next level. BeMyEye’s presentation gave me the feeling that there was something there that we should look into; the fact that we could gather information fast, from thousands of retailers across Europe, and with a single view to allow us to slice and dice the data in a way that could support our understanding of product launches, was very exciting. BeMyEye had all of this on offer and, on top of it all, we found it to be extremely cost effective.

Yes, this did seem like a new and innovative solution at the time, however there were plenty of proof points from BeMyEye’s extensive work with FMCG manufacturers. As you can imagine, we have a thorough due diligence procedure at Samsung, of which BeMyEye passed, enabling us to begin data collection immediately.

Key Learnings:

  • Vangelis was looking for inspiration for retail and shopper market research which he found to be quite stagnant
  • The presentation by BeMyEye was enticing, especially the speed, range and value for money
  • BeMyEye at the time was prolific in the FMCG sector which proved a great proof of concept for it working at Samsung

Q: What insights do you get and how do you use them?

A: We track visibility, recommendation and compliance across our network of retail partners in all major European countries. For product launch, we need to ensure that retail execution is the best it possibly can be – and so, the first campaign we ran covered 2,000 locations across 4 European markets.

The campaign took 7 days to complete, however data was instantly available from day 1, meaning that we had the information we needed in real-time. Crucial to then make corrective action should we need to at a regional or retailer level. The insights collected were instantly passed up the hierarchy of the business back to Seoul for them to monitor the launch on the ground closely.

Key Learnings

  • KPIs: Visibility, recommendations and compliance
  • The first test campaign was run in 2,000 stores across 4 countries
  • Immediate access to data in real time via an online dashboard meant corrective action could be taken immediately if needed

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Q: What impact have these had on your business?

A: The success of this pilot program and the immediacy of the data availability (as well as the actions we could derive) encouraged us to expand across categories and markets. Through the insights we collected via BeMyEye, and the corrective actions taken, we’ve generated a 30% improvement in retail execution across the board. I obviously can’t reveal the impact on these improvements in revenue terms, but if like Samsung, you are able to make a clear correlation between retail execution and sell-out figures, then you can do the maths of how big this improvement is for us.

Our Retail Launch Performance Tool is now a key part in the evaluation procedure of any Samsung Launch in Europe and has been also adopted by our HQ for more in depth understanding of always on retail.

Key Learnings

  • Retail Execution improvement by 30%
  • Retail Launch Performance Tool now an integral part of the launch procedure

Q: What are your future plans?

A: From the initial campaign a year ago across 4 countries, we now use BeMyEye across 15 countries. BeMyEye have been incredibly receptive to our continual push for them to open new markets, and have never shied away from our requests to expand further into Europe. The team are incredibly customer and solution focused like this. The plan is to also extend to more categories and of course more countries. BeMyEye will continue to be an integral part of the Retail Launch Performance Tool.

Key Learnings:

  • Cover more Launches (categories and countries)
  • Continue to be integral to Retail Launch Performance Tool
  • Very customer and solution focused team at BeMyEye

If you’d like to learn more about how BeMyEye can help to improve your retail execution using real-time image recognition and our crowd of 3-million independent auditors, click here to get started, or contact us directly at and a specialist will be in touch.

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