Cold & Flu Brand Recommendations

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Highlighting the most recommended Cold & Flu brands by pharmacists across 9 European countries. 

​Brand recommendation is a crucial stage for any brand that wants to increase their presence within the retail market landscape and ensure growth. This point becomes even more apparent within pharmaceutical channels, where over 70% of purchase decisions are driven by pharmacists’ advice on a specific product.

BeMyEye’s Cold& Flu European report aims to explore growth opportunities and key areas of improvement within the fast-growing field of Cold& Flu medicines. We tasked our crowd of 1.5 million on demand data gather to ask for cold & flu recommendations in the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Sweden. We visited 100 pharmacies in each country (900 in total), completing the entire data collection process in less than 5 days.

Ultimately, by understanding correlation that brand recommendation has on market share, we have now created a detailed projection of which brands will be future category leaders, and which brands’ market share will be eroding over time if they don’t improve their share of brand recommendation.

Download your free copy of BeMyEye’s Cold & Flu European report below!

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