Boost visibility and brand advocacy

We work with the leading Consumer Electronics companies, helping them define and continuously track all the KPIs they need in order to achieve excellent retail execution across Europe.


CAGR for Consumer Electronics in Europe according to forecasts (2016-2024)


of stores in Europe are not compliant with the Joint Business Plan, directly impacting sell-out


direct impact of retail sales staff advice on consumers purchase decisions

Track Visibility, POS Compliance & Brand Recommendation with our proven methodology

Our Consumer Electronics industry solutions allow you to increase the ROI of your retail activities and get the metrics you need to improve your in-store execution and boost your brand advocacy programmes

Brand recommendation

  • 1st recommended brand by retail sales staff? Why?
  • 2nd recommended brand by retail sales staff? Why?
  • Promoted recommendation? Why?
  • Brand sentiment, Knowledge & Advocacy  
  • Intention to Purchase

Promotional compliance

  • POS Presence & Condition 
  • Product launch compliance
  • POS Locations
  • Product Availability
  • Pricing compliance
  • Competition Analysis 
  • Brand Prominence & Visibility
  • SLA measurement

Monitor all your retail KPIs, in real-time

We provide sales managers with all the analytics they need to track the performance of their teams and monitor the retail execution metrics they have set.

Our Retail Execution Cockpit provides detailed retail KPIs at the store level, giving you up to +40% visibility on the marketplace and helps you see high-level trends & risks, while quickly and simply drilling down to the most granular level.

Direct your field reps to where actions are required

We give your sales team the opportunity to stop wasting time on gathering data and finally become 100% focused on selling and merchandising.

Through our Field Compass, your reps will be empowered with a tool to optimise their route dynamically and know which corrective actions they need to implement in the non-compliant stores or those locations where your brand advocacy is low, or non-existent to boost your sales.

our difference

A turnkey solution

We collect, process, analyse and deliver data in the way you need

Real-time, certified data

We ensure 100% data accuracy in the insight we create

100% Human support

Our Client Services team is dedicated to flawless delivery for each client

What our clients achieve:

up to +40% visibility of stores

up to +70% brand recommendation from sales staff

Up to 100% reduction of "wasted" in-store visits

Samsung - Vangelis Matthaiopoulos

“We’ve generated 30% improvement in retail execution and 70% in the brand recommendation rate of our products by using field data collected by BeMyEye.”

Vangelis Matthaiopoulos
Head of Shopper, Retail and Omnichannel Insights Europe at Samsung

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