Leverage our community of 3+ million freelance auditors – better known as “Eyes” – and get a real-time, comprehensive view of your retail execution


up to
+40% visibility

Cover more stores than ever before and find the execution gaps that you really need to correct

field compass

up to
+60% field force ROI

Relieve field teams from auditing and allow them to spend 100% of time taking corrective action

store visits

up to
-100% wasted visits

Avoid stores where you can make no impact, while still auditing them to ensure compliance

on-demand store audits

Use on-demand store audits

Entrust our ‘Eyes’ with 100% of your store audits, or use them in conjunction with your field force – equipped with the BeMyEye Compass app

Get maximum store coverage

Select the list of stores that you want our crowd to cover: our ‘Eyes’ will run objective store audits and you will receive all your KPIs in real-time.

Use this solution for stores where field reps are not allowed to take action, to increase your store coverage at a limited price or just to get certified, unbiased & accurate data.

We already have a crowd in more than 20 countries: United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania 

on the go technology
lean go to market

Enable a 'Lean Go-To-Market' approach

As all the gaps & opportunities in all stores are identified, we enable your field team to focus on the PoS where they can have the biggest impact.

Without Crowdsourcing

Having no prior information, field teams risk wasting time visiting stores where they have little to act on, while they leave some stores with critical issues unvisited

manual store audits

With Crowdsourcing

As all the key issues are known, prioritized and visible on a map in Compass, field representatives maximize their efficiency by visiting the stores that need the more attention

ir store audits

If you want to learn more on “Lean Go-To-Market” and how to adopt “Lean” principles in FMCG sales , click here

ticked checkpoint

Make the most of each visit

As we inform your reps about the issues beforehand – and relieve them of store audits, if you choose 100% crowdsourcing –, we help improve both their in-store efficiency & effectiveness. 

field sales executive

Empower your field reps

Because we are uniquely positioned to be able to indicate gaps & opportunities in every location, we allow your field reps to prepare their visits and to perform better once they are in – they will know in advance what they will find inside the stores!

And if you choose to crowdsource 100% of your store audits, you will make sure that your field reps focus on what’s truly valuable – fixing issues, selling, visiting more stores – rather than on collecting data: you are finally able to relieve them from a task that is both expensive & time consuming – 20% of sales people’s time on average and that impacts their ability to increase the ROI of your sales organization.

Check out our Retail Execution Cockpit, a powerful analytics platform that lets you track all your KPIs and monitor the performance of your team:

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