Azura x BeMyEye

BeMyEye helps Azura keep track of tomatoes being sold in hundreds of supermarkets across Europe. Access to the real time information on availability, distribution, pricing and competitors, has been assisting Azura to strategise and stay on top of the market.

The Context

Azura uses BeMyEye to monitor instore compliance for Price, Promotions, Assortment and Package information for vegetables sold across different formats of store types and store chains.

The Challenge

Tracking data for vegetables is challenging, the industry is very dynamic and constantly evolving. Prices, promotions, packaging, distributors/producers and assortment changes happen often, keeping track of such changes requires regular and rigorous tracking in store, along with making sure data accuracy is always high.


Numerical Distribution

Assortment compliance



– Promo Compliance

– Secondary placement


– Cleaning

– Hair removal

– Intimate care

– Footcare


– Hyper

– Super

– Drugstore

– Cash

– Carry


– Czech Republic 

– Slovakia


– Price

– Promotion

– Assortment compliance

– Packaging


– Vegetables



– Supermarket

– Convenience stores


Sweden, Finland, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic


• Thanks to promo monitoring and non-compliance proof, KAM’s were able to negotiate on average 40% discount on next activities (secondary placements)

• Visibility of in-store data during lockdowns when salesforce couldn’t visit stores

• Possibility to visit 100+ stores during 7 day promo activations to check compliance

• Price monitoring helped to spot deviations from recommended pricing

• Speed of reaction – ability to launch a secondary display campaign only a few days before

• Distribution of Dettol increased 7pp in the first 6 months of monitoring


BeMyEye and Azura have been working together for a couple of years now and have developed effective and efficient methods of regular data collection, ensuring accuracy of data remains high and often finding unconventional ways to find out information that may not always be readily accessible!

Azura feedback

“As a supplier, we need to know how our products are distributed, priced and sold in various countries we operate. With BeMyEye, we have it all! Reactivity and great flexibility of the team to adapt to our business model and needs. Based on insights from store monitoring, we launched multiple products into the markets”
Zinaida Kapustina
Category Manager at Azura
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