Beintoo x BeMyEye

Working in partnership with BeMyEye, Beintoo increased the effectiveness of mobile drive-to-store campaigns offered to their clients, thanks to the precise geo-location validation of Beintoo’s point of interests (POI).

The context

To better understand offline behaviours when developing advanced advertising algorithms, Beintoo requires confirmation of the exact location data of places of interest, including restaurants, fashion stores, gyms or movie theatres.

The challenge

BeMyEye needed to provide a broad understanding of the thousands of points of sale that had been visited by their “Eyes” and verify the exact location of the customer’s position, with an accuracy of 10 meters.



Store Location





– Fashion Stores

– Gyms

– Movie Theatres



The results

On BeMyEye’s platform, Beintoo is able to access data aggregated from more than 650 thousand PoS in 21 European countries. This data was used to validate the geo-location of thousands of places: by using the BeMyEye app and taking a simple picture, the “Eyes” confirmed the latitude and longitude of every single store with a precision of 10 meters.

The partnership with BeMyEye strengthened Beintoo’s leading position in Italy in the mobile advertising market, thanks to a better understanding of offline behaviour. Measuring with a high degree of precision where a specific point of sales is located is fundamental to better defining users’ offline interests and tracking the footfall of a drive-to-store campaign. This is an additional service that confirms Beintoo’s commitment to innovation, which was recently recognised by PwC for Forbes in the chart of the top 27 most innovative companies in Italy.

Thanks to our end-to-end solution Beintoo has achieved:

PoS type identification

PoS precise location, even in shopping centers

Improve understanding of offline behavior

Develop advertising algorithms

“Thanks to BeMyEye, Beintoo will be able to offer to its clients a unique precision, in terms of few meters, of the geo-location of thousands of local businesses. Most of the products we are competing with, built their database of stores with rough tools (i.e. postal addresses), that is not enough especially if you need to identify stores within large malls“
Andrea Campana
CEO of Beintoo

The content of this page has been built based on the following press release: Beintoo announces partnership with BeMyEye to validate geo-location of stores and POIs

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