Bolton Group x BeMyEye

Bolton is an Italian-based company that has been producing a wide range of innovative and sustainable brands and is a long-term partner with BeMyEye. The solution is implemented to track presence , price and promotions of canned food within discount channels and boost sales. Over the course of the partnership Bolton managed to improve the brand positioning and quality of the displays through access to direct view of the in-store data.

The Context

Bolton uses BeMyEye to monitor in store compliance for assortment and price information for tuna and canned meat in 3 Italian Discounters.

The Challenge

Reach all the discounters to monitor the effectiveness of the in-store execution as the channel is quite peculiar to cover with the field force.


Numerical Distribution

Assortment compliance



– Promo Compliance

– Secondary placement


– Cleaning

– Hair removal

– Intimate care

– Footcare


– Hyper

– Super

– Drugstore

– Cash

– Carry


– Czech Republic 

– Slovakia


– Presence

– Price

– Promotion price


– Tuna

– Canned meat


– Discount stores




• Thanks to promo monitoring and non-compliance proof, KAM’s were able to negotiate on average 40% discount on next activities (secondary placements)

• Visibility of in-store data during lockdowns when salesforce couldn’t visit stores

• Possibility to visit 100+ stores during 7 day promo activations to check compliance

• Price monitoring helped to spot deviations from recommended pricing

• Speed of reaction – ability to launch a secondary display campaign only a few days before

• Distribution of Dettol increased 7pp in the first 6 months of monitoring


BeMyEye and Bolton have been working together for 3 years and developing an effective and efficient methods of regular data collection, at the moment they can monitor 300 stores per month, always succeeding in
reaching the target.

Bolton Group feedback

"BeMyEye allows us to monitor points of sale in the Discount Channel which we do not manage directly with the corporate sales force, and a high level of detail. The tool allows us to display a whole series of key KPIs in a dashboard, such as prices and the share-on-shelf of our references (range compliance index). In addition, we can monitor display quality through photographs taken at the point of sale by the Eye and visualise the emptying of boxes and their positioning in different areas of the shop. BeMyEye is an essential tool for growth in the channel!"
Luca Galvani
Shelf and assortment manager at Bolton
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