Bosch x BeMyEye

Thanks to its innovative mobile crowdsourcing solution, BeMyEye allowed Bosch to confirm its brand presence in-store and test the effectiveness of staff training as they sought to optimise performance in every store.

The context

Monitoring the effectiveness of staff training in the Consumer Electronics market allows you to detect gaps in the recommendations and service provided to consumers and increase sales as an outcome.

But with traditional methods of data collection being slow and costly, Bosch wanted to find a quicker solution that would allow them to verify the effectiveness of the retail staff training programme and identify areas for improvement at an individual store level.

The challenge

BeMyEye utilized crowdsourcing to minimise costs and boost the speed of research. Collecting data on both brand presence and the effectiveness of the training staff program, the company helped Bosch with an efficient way to identify execution gaps at the store level across Italy.



– Brand Visibility

– Staff Training Score


– Home Appliances


– Consumer Electronics store



– Italy

The results

In just 11 days, the Eyes were able to carry out their missions recording the presence of Bosch products and interacting with shop staff in hundreds of POS across Italy, with more than 50% of missions completed in the first 48 hours.

”In such a highly competitive market to get insights in real time on the brand’s visibility and effectiveness of the staff training undertaken is essential to make strategic decisions. Today, BeMyEye has become an integral part of measuring the effectiveness of in-store activation on a regular basis. We’ve moved from a self-subjective evaluation of the Bosch brand, to an independently run campaign set up against clear KPIs, which makes it highly measurable and accurate with supporting images” – Manuela Ricci, Trade Marketing Manager BSH Home Appliances.

Thanks to our end-to-end solution Bosch has achieved:

Real-time insights on Brand Visibility & Staff Training

Each KPI available at the store level

Optimisation of field research costs

Solid foundation to make strategic decisions

“With the ability to capture the shopping experience in all the different stores, we were able to make specific suggestions on how to improve the consumer experience at an individual store level, and make customer engagement much more effective.”
Manuela Ricci
Trade Marketing Manager BSH Home Appliances

The content of this page has been built based on the following press release: BeMyEye & Bosch Appliances improved the effectiveness of in-store promotional activities

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