Coffee Brand x BeMyEye

With the help of BeMyEye’s data and analytics solutions, a leading coffee brand was able collect data from thousands of visits to bars and cafes across 5 countries and segment this data. This provided a powerful vision, allowing the company to understand which PoS they needed to visit the most.

The context

As part of their GTM strategy, our client wanted to identify the points of consumption with high potential in order to continue their expansion. In particular, they wanted an overview of their priorities across cafes and bars, and to gain a greater understanding of these POCs so that their sales reps would craft more impactful brand stories when visiting those stores. The company has a limited number of field reps operating in the target countries and, apart from in a single country, does not utilize an internal field force. Launching and managing such a project internally would incur significant costs and would be a lengthy process.

The challenge

BeMyEye was tasked with building a solid base for our client to launch an effective GTM strategy for the OOH (Out of Home) channel. With information collected by our Eyes, we provided accurate data on the size of the surveyed POS, including the numbers of tables and types of coffee machines, to assist with market segmentation. In addition this coffee brand required monitoring for KPIs such as brand presence and types of contract across 5 countries, including Russia, a new market for BeMyEye at the time.



– Brand Presence 
– Size of PoS
– # of tables
– Type & Brand of coffee machine
– Barista interview




– Out of Home



5 European countries:

Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Poland and Austria

The results

BeMyEye’s accurate and detailed data across a range of KPIs helped our client to realise their GTM strategy. This market segmentation has provided a strong foundation for future Sales Rep activities across 5 countries – and BeMyEye’s seamless entry into data collection in Russia provided a comprehensive service throughout our client’s target regions.

Thanks to our end-to-end solution our client has achieved:

Boost of their Go-To-Market strategy

Segmentation and prioritization of bars and cafes

Detailed data to help craft more impactful brand stories

Optimisation of the cost of field research

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