GSK Consumer Healthcare x BeMyEye

Thanks to the granular data collected by BeMyEye, GSK Consumer Healthcare has been able to evaluate the performance of its sales reps and to develop a personalized incentive system.

The context

GSK Consumer Healthcare, a global leader in the OTC and consumer health products market, wanted to check the objectivity of the data related to the execution of their brand standards – regarding the compliance of the checkout areas, or the layout of their products on the pharmacy shelves – such as display compliance, or the availability of promotional materials, in order to develop a personalized approach to motivate its field reps and improve their efficiency.

The challenge

As GSK’s priorities evolve quite frequently, BeMyEye needed to be able to promptly update the settings of its tracking and send its ‘Eyes’ to thousands of pharmacies throughout Russia, in order to provide a comprehensive assessment of the performance of each sales rep – with the details of each KPI and the associated proof pictures.



Compliance with the “visibility” brand standards – presence of a promo and layout compliance

Field Reps Effectiveness Score


OTC drugs

– Consumer Health Care


Pharmacy store



2,000+ pharmacies in ~ 200 cities of Russia on a quarterly basis

The results

Over three years of cooperation, BeMyEye has been able to provide detailed data on GSK’s visibility standards and assess the performance of sales reps for each of them.

With this data, GSK Consumer Healthcare is not only able to monitor the compliance with its brand standards and to check the objectivity of the data reported by its employees, but is also able to boost the motivation of its sales reps.

Thanks to our end-to-end solution GSK Consumer Healthcare has achieved:

Field Reps Effectiveness Score

Data for individual incentive system

Detailed data on the implementation of the brand standards

Historical tracker of in-store KPIs

“Our company sets quite high standards, but BeMyEye does the job with attentive attitude to customers and willingness to help 24 hours a day.”
Anastasia Voronkova
Sales Force Effectiveness Lead at GSK

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