Boosting store sales through Computer Vision

The Kraft Heinz Company is the third-largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world, boasting eight $1 billion+ brands.

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The Context

Kraft Heinz uses BeMyEye’s cutting edge Computer Vision solution transform their retail execution, to monitor in-store compliance for product assortment, track price information for their and competitor products and track the implementations of their field force.

The Challenge

Continuous monitoring of the situation in grocery channels across Italy and having real time results provided by the field force.


Numerical Distribution

Assortment compliance



– Promo Compliance

– Secondary placement


– Cleaning

– Hair removal

– Intimate care

– Footcare


– Hyper

– Super

– Drugstore

– Cash

– Carry


– Czech Republic 

– Slovakia


– Assortment compliance

– SoS & SoA

– Number of visits

– Extra shelf implementation

– Perfect store scoring


– First food and taste elevation



– Supermarket 





• Thanks to promo monitoring and non-compliance proof, KAM’s were able to negotiate on average 40% discount on next activities (secondary placements)

• Visibility of in-store data during lockdowns when salesforce couldn’t visit stores

• Possibility to visit 100+ stores during 7 day promo activations to check compliance

• Price monitoring helped to spot deviations from recommended pricing

• Speed of reaction – ability to launch a secondary display campaign only a few days before

• Distribution of Dettol increased 7pp in the first 6 months of monitoring


Throughout our year-long partnership, bemyeye and Kraft Heinz collaborated to develop new features and methods for regular data collection, as a part of Kraft Heinz’s initiative to track their extra-shelf implementations.

We’ve now successfully onboarded the Kraft Heinz Field Force, with an average of 5 stores visited per day; and thanks to the release of the new features developed, the field force is able to work uninterrupted even in the absence of an internet connection.

Every visit and action taken is visible in a new analytics tailored for Kraft Heinz’s internal tracking and reporting.

Increase in Shelf Share: Take control of your retail space.

Time savings for Field Reps: spend less time collecting data, Make more visits, take more actions.

Transparency and objectiveness: Proof based Kpi’s and data

Configurable Dashboard: Built to fit your specific business requirements.

Ready to ignite your retail sales?
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kraft Heinz feedback

“The accuracy of information capture has increased from circa 70% when we were manually capturing the data, to over 95% since transitioning to BeMyEye Computer Vision. Thanks to BeMyEye’s cutting edge Computer Vision capabilities, we’ve been able to amplify our shelf share, reduce the amount of time reps spend on data collection and streamline our efforts to focus on the next best actions leveraging real-time insights.”
Tsahi Toledo Farcug
Trade Execution Lead International at Kraft Heinz
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