McCurrach x BeMyEye

The UK and Ireland’s leading field sales and field marketing experts, McCurrach, and Europe’s leader in data powered merchandising, BeMyEye, formed a partnership to revolutionise field marketing for brands and retailers. This innovative partnership brings together McCurrach’s highly skilled on-demand workforce within their Wave division, together with the speed, granularity and cost-effectiveness of BeMyEye’s crowd technology and on-demand data gatherers in one disruptive unified service.

The context

The big challenge faced by the field sales and field marketing industry is how to eliminate wasted visits to stores that do not require intervention from a field marketing specialist, at the same time as delivering dynamic coverage with skilled resources, thus offering the opportunity to sell more.

The challenge

McCurrach and BeMyEye set out to solve the challenge of data-driven field marketing. BeMyEye’s speed, technology and crowd provide insights to direct McCurrach’s skilled, on demand team where and when they are most needed, to maximise their impact on sales. This  diversification of field marketing promises more efficient and impactful sales activities thanks to the power of data.



In-store execution




Grocery & CE Retail


United Kingdom

The results

“Through our partnership with BeMyEye we can now offer something that no other player in the field sales market can.  We’re excited to be at the forefront of on-demand skilled resourcing; the combination of BeMyEye’s technology and data service with our skilled on-demand resource from our Wave division will help reduce costs and sell more for brands at the point of purchase.” – said Angus Maciver, CEO of McCurrach

Thanks to our end-to-end solution McCurrach has achieved:

Improve effectiveness from Field Force

No wasted visits

Sales increase

Field Force cost reduction

“The future of field sales will be driven by data and flexibility, and this partnership with BeMyEye enables us to make the future of field sales a reality today.“
Angus Maciver
CEO of McCurrach

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McCurrach and BeMyEye Form Partnership to ‘Uberise’ Field Marketing


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