MSC Cruises x BeMyEye

MSC Cruises partners with BeMyEye to improve the effectiveness of its marketing budget, increase revenues and create ‘the perfect store’.

The context

In order to improve the effectiveness of its marketing budget and increase revenues, MSC Cruises wanted to verify the presence of its above-the-line marketing and advertising materials in over 9,000 travel agencies across Italy.

The company was not able to know how many of its travel agent partners were achieving the implementation of their ‘perfect store’ (involving a set of in-store MSC Cruises promotional materials, such as brochures, posters and POP), without doing so at a huge cost, using their own workforce, and over a long period of time.

The challenge

MSC Cruises needed a cost-effective solution to quickly segment their travel agent database, by visiting every store in its portfolio to identify their value to the company, using strict criteria on the potential return on marketing investment. “Sending our sales team to verify this across the country would be both times consuming and expensive,” Marketing Director Andrea Guanci commented. 

Until now, MSC Cruises had only been able to audit a small segment of the travel agents that advertised their holidays and was unable to build up a true picture of how their catalogues and posters were being used.


  • Presence of above-the-line marketing
  • Compliance of promotional materials


  • Travel & Tourism


  • Travel agencies


  • > 9,000 POS in Italy

The results

“BeMyEye has been able to help us identify the perfect store and provide us with valuable information, in a cost-effective way, and in just a few days“ (Andrea Guanci). Thanks to this data, MSC Cruises has been able to set targets for promotional compliance to area sales managers and provide incentives for travel agencies that weren’t displaying the marketing materials correctly. 

BeMyEye has enabled MSC Cruises to spend its marketing budget more effectively and to implement the ‘perfect store’ program, gathering insights on travel agency classifications through to sales information, target setting and periodic checks.

Thanks to our end-to-end solution MSC Cruises has achieved:

Uncovered that 30% of the travel agent partnerships were ineffective


Improved presence in PoS and promotional execution

Supported the creation and implementation of ‘the perfect store’ program

Optimized ROI of in-store marketing expense

“The importance of visibility particularly became clear through the insights we got from BeMyEye and we’re now able to spend marketing budget much more effectively.”
Andrea Guanci
Marketing Director MSC Cruises

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