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With BeMyEye’s actionable data, which combines crowdsourcing and IR technology, a well-known pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods company is now equipped with efficient tools to boost their sales growth. As all data has been made available in their own dashboard thanks to API integration, our client can control their retail execution by monitoring their top in-store KPIs, such as promo compliance and share of shelf.

The context

Our client has identified a set of global KPIs and top SKUs in their retail execution that have a significant impact on sales in 3 main categories. For this task, the company had previously used a combination of a field agency and IR provider, but found that these were not generating insights of sufficient quality and depth. The client required an effective tool to improve retail execution as they sought to resolve issues on the shelves and increase promo compliance.

The challenge

BeMyEye’s first goal was to be able to immediately track the KPIs that were critically important for our client’s retail execution excellence. And we needed to do so for their top SKUs, while taking into account specific requirements, e.g. when using the data collected to monitor promo compliance, or when harnessing BeMyEye’s IR system to analyse shelves’ KPIs – such as calculating share of shelf in millimeters.

After a speedy setup, we have completed more than 1400 store visits in Germany and integrated all retail insights with the client’s in-house dashboard via an API – all in a timely manner. BeMyEye has not only deployed their crowdsourcing and IR technology across all necessary KPIs, but has also successfully delivered images that have been stitched together from the pictures collected by our Eyes. And to ensure that the data transferred to our client was of the highest quality, we have combined machine learning and Human-In-The-Loop technologies – reaching a data accuracy of 98.5-99%!



Top SKU presence (IR)
– Shelf Level (IR)
Share of shelf (IR)
Category Sizing (IR)
# Facings (IR)
Promo compliance


– Body care
– Fem care
Oral care


– Drugstores


– 1400 stores across Germany

The results

The insights garnered from BeMyEye’s Eyes and analysed with IR technology have empowered our client with accurate in-store execution data for their most important SKUs. This data has been integrated into the client’s dashboard through an API and has helped them improve their retail execution – with IR technology ensuring that this information is accurate to the millimeter. Utilizing this data, the company has been able to identify growth opportunities and develop implementation initiatives. Looking towards the future, it is anticipated that even greater value will be added by further embedding BeMyEye’s solutions and data.

Thanks to our end-to-end solution our client has achieved:

Monitoring of execution around their top SKUs

IR for category sizing (in millimeters)

Historical tracking and increased performance over time

API integration with the client’s own dashboard

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