Rapport x BeMyEye

With BeMyEye, Rapport is able to track the compliance of its billboards and take corrective action, which is especially important in the early days of launching an advertising campaign. This data is also used to provide confirmation to Rapport’s customers of their media advertising costs

The context

Rapport had a specific need to support one of their global consumer electronics customers with a three-year campaign across 212 billboards in the UK. The client wished to see photographic evidence of all billboards in situ, as well as specific insights on their implementation.

The challenge

BeMyEye was required to check all billboards across the campaign to help the agency direct engineers to specific billboards that needed support both in the daytime and in the evening.  BeMyEye leveraged their crowd to check the operation of billboard lighting and provide photographic evidence for Rapport’s customers in the early days of a campaign’s launch as proof of costs for media promotion.



– Correct canvas being used

– Billboard condition

– Brightness of light

– Branded box implemented




Outdoor advertisers


– United Kingdom

The results

The pictures were supplied to the customer within the first few days of the campaign going live as proof of media spend. Because of this successful campaign, Rapport now uses BeMyEye extensively across their customer portfolio. BeMyEye’s solutions offer an additional layer of quality assurance, allowing Rapport to showcase the successful implementation and sustained presence of a campaign to confirm media costs, in collaboration with their outdoor advertising partners.

Thanks to our end-to-end solution Rapport has achieved:

Actionable data within the first hours of ad campaign launch

Engineers deployed more effectively thanks to detailed data about billboards’ conditions

Data on the condition of billboards at night

Photographic proof of media advertising costs

The content of this page has been built based on the following press release: Improving the return of OOH Media Spend for Multinational Consumer Brands

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