Razor Brand x BeMyEye

Thanks to actionable data provided by BeMyEye, a leading Personal Care brand can monitor their key sales fundamentals to improve on-shelf availability during peak trading hours in the United Kingdom. This helps them to eliminate sales being lost due to out of stock products.

The context

A lack of actionable data on distribution and on-shelf availability has previously prevented our client from coordinating their teams. Field forces, key account managers, and supply chain must be aligned to identify distribution issues and fill shelf gaps as soon as a problem occurs and before it becomes critical. In this way, they can prevent a loss of sales due to OOS during peak trading hours across modern trade in the United Kingdom.

The challenge

BeMyEye was required to check the on-shelf availability of razor blade brands at weekend peak trading hours across modern trade in the United Kingdom. We then provided real-time execution insights about distribution and OOS issues to help them focus their field force on non-compliant stores.



Brand Presence


Type of displays

Location in-store


Personal Care


store location

– Modern Trade



– 3200 visits across the United Kingdom

The results

With real-time insights about our client’s brand’s distribution and OOS during peak trading hours, BeMyEye’s crowdsourced data enabled them to significantly increase sales during these critical times. Our live data was able to indicate distribution gaps and improve their field force ROI by eliminating wasted visits to compliant stores and focusing on non-compliant stores.

Thanks to our end-to-end solution our client has achieved:

Peak Trading OOS insights with real-time data

Improve Field Force ROI

Historical tracking and increased performance over time

Details of every KPI

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