Royal Canin x BeMyEye

Royal Canin has implemented BeMyEye’s Brand Recommendation and Perfect Store monitoring solutions. The investment allowed the company to increase the retail execution compliance and the brand recommendation rates, thanks to the targeted in-store actions enabled by BeMyEye’s real-time insights.

The context

For a client like Royal Canin is essential to understand where customers shop and why. The Pet product category is continuously and rapidly changing, due to the fast-moving and complex environment we are all living in. This generates almost unlimited business opportunities, however, investments on field forces remain limited, in the face of enormous pressures on ROI.

Finding an agile way to monitor and improve critical in-store sales fundamentals and KPIs, such as brand recommendation rate and perfect store metrics, was the main reason why Royal Canin contacted BeMyEye. From a sales execution point of view, and Field force ROI, in particular, the company needed to make sure that every visit in-store counted, allowing their reps to be totally focused on sales, instead of spending precious time in data collection tasks to mark their own homework.

The challenge

Royal Canin struggled to audit a meaningful portion of their estate to ensure high retail execution standards. They needed to know whether their investments on-field sales activities were effectively executed and aligned with the company standards. Granular data at regional or single pet store levels were not available and traditional data collection methods were excessively expensive to cover multiple countries and provide a representative sample.

On the other hand, the fragmentation of the retail landscape was not allowing the company having a 360 vision of field activities. Royal Canin’s products are mainly distributed across specialised and independent pet stores, where monitoring perfect store execution metrics, such as availability of products, visibility, promotional compliance and brand recommendation is traditionally extremely challenging.

In order to help Royal Canin, we accurately defined a set of in-store KPIs. We designed representative samples across channels and formats so we could measure execution, brand recommendation rate and spot gaps in various territories/chains.



– Brand recommendation for RC products and competitors 

– Perfect Store compliance:

  • Branded communications
  • Layout & planogram
  • Assortment
  • Secondary Display


pet food

– Pet Food


pet shop

– Independent & specialized Pet Stores

– Pet store chains

– Vets



– Russia
– United Kingdom
– France
– Italy

Royal Canin pet food shelf

The results

First, we implemented the programme in Russia, and then we have scaled to the other 3 countries, building up a data set that helps Royal Canin continuously track and improve perfect store execution metrics. By adopting our solutions, Royal Canin has achieved:

Brand Recommendation:


General Improvement in Brand Recommendation rate thanks to the targeted decisions enabled by BME's real-time insights

Understanding the reasons & barriers behind recommendations to inform decisions and activate corrective actions where needed

Perfect Store:

Less than 20% gap between BeMyEye’s Crowd + IR coverage and Royal Canin’s Field Forces tracking

Historical tracker of in-store KPIs (per territory, per region, per single Sales Reps)

“Thanks to the real-time insights provided by BeMyEye, we have been able to understand where and why our products were recommended and to build action plans accordingly. Additionally, we have managed to monitor Perfect Store compliance On and Off the shelves, allowing our field forces to take real-time corrective actions where needed“
Royal Canin Guillaume Roy
Guillaume Roy
Sales Accelerator & Capability Director

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