Samsung x BeMyEye

Using insights from BeMyEye, Samsung has improved retail execution compliance by 30%, increasing brand visibility and brand recommendation across 11 countries.

The context

Every new product launch for Samsung is crucial. Trade and ATL investment must be maximised during the critical 3-5 weeks post-launch. It is essential that in-store activation and detailing messages are received by the public per the exact plan from HQ and local markets.

In 2016, when Samsung initially contacted BeMyEye, they struggled to audit a meaningful portion of their estate to ensure high retail execution standards. They sought to find an objective and cost-effective way to measure launch effectiveness across multiple territories and make changes at the Buyer and store level in order to demonstrate a strong ROI.

The challenge

For a new product launch, perfect retail execution is crucial for success. The first three weeks post-launch are a decisive period, where proper implementation will impact the ROI of the whole campaign.

Together with Samsung, BeMyEye defined a set of KPIs to monitor the execution and effectiveness of launch activities. We designed representative samples across countries and store types so we could accurately measure execution across the estate, and spot gaps in various territories/chains.



– Brand visibility in-store

– Retail execution compliance flagship models

– Brand recommendation rate and rationale


– Mobile phones

– Tablets

– TV

– Washing machines

– Refrigerators



– Mobile phone operators

– Big box electronics and speciality retailers



11 European countries:

United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, The Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland & Romania

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The results

BeMyEye field data is available to Samsung in near-real-time providing an actionable list of insights including non-compliant stores/chains, brand recommendation rates below market share, and off-brand detailing messages. We started our collaboration in 2016, covering 2,000 stores across 5 European markets, all in just 7 days.

Since 2016, we have scaled the programme to 11 countries, building up a time-series data set that helps Samsung improve retail execution on a continuous basis.

3 years of continuous collaborations

11 European countries monitored

1000 stores monitored per new product launch

8000 stores monitored per year

Thanks to our end-to-end solution Samsung has achieved:

+30% improvement in brand visibility


+70% improvement in Brand Recommendation rate

Historical tracker of in-store KPIs

The chance to Act On Real-Time Opportunities For Corrective Action​

“We’ve generated 30% improvement in retail execution and 70% in the brand recommendation rate of our products by using field data collected by BeMyEye“
Samsung - Vangelis Matthaiopoulos
Vangelis Matthaiopoulos
Head of Shopper, Retail and Omnichannel Insights Europe

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