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A leading soft drinks brand wanted to understand its market share per retailer/banner/region and then take action at a KAM level, as well as identify stores to target with their field force to sell coolers.

The context

Historically, it has been almost impossible for our client to track the presence and share of shelf of its products versus the competition in each PoS: since they were suspecting that they did not have a fair share (resulting in a decrease of their sales and profits), our client wanted to understand the distribution of its products and brands within coolers.

The challenge

Our client wanted to understand market share per retailer/banner/region and then act on a KAM level as well as identify stores which they can target with their field force to sell coolers using a Perfect Store Compliance.



– Presence of coolers
– Nb of facings per category
– Share of Shelf 
– Share of Bays
– Share of Facings
– KPIs specific to branded coolers


– Carbonated soft drinks
– Juices
– Energy Drinks 
– Teas



– Hypermarkets
– Supermarkets 
– Discount



16000 stores all over Germany

The results

We visited 16.000 stores throughout Germany to understand the availability and display of our client’s products within retail & industry-owned coolers. Our client was able to identify clear differences between regions, channels and banners regarding how products and coolers are displayed and how theirs are represented compared to the competition. As they were also given the means to identify issues at the store level, they were able to design action plans for their field reps to improve their brands’ performance.

Thanks to our end-to-end solution our client has achieved:

Monitoring The Level Of Perfect Store Compliance For Most PoS​


Reporting Of The Level Of Perfect Store Compliance For Most PoS​

Building A New Short To Medium Term Strategy By Category And Retail Partner

Increased Presence On Shelf Compared To Competition

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