Field compass

We gather data from any store or channel. We identify what needs to be fixed and where, and provide sales reps with the most important changes to make to drive the greatest sales growth.

up to
+40% visibility

Cover more stores than ever before and find the execution gaps that you really need to correct

up to
+60% field force ROI

Relieve field teams from auditing and allow them to spend 100% of time taking corrective action

up to
-100% wasted visits

Avoid stores where you can make no impact, while still auditing them to ensure compliance

Focus on high priority stores

As we know about all the gaps & opportunities in your field reps’ territories, we enable them to focus first on the correcting the stores that will give you the biggest ROI impact

Without Field Compass

Having no prior information, field reps work on “hope” and waste time visiting locations that are not a priority, while they leave stores with actual issues unvisited

With field compass

By switching to a “Lean Go-To-Market” model, you put “certainty” in their hands and make sure that your field force know the stores that require corrective actions

Make the most of each visit

As we inform them about the issues before they go inside, we give your field reps the intelligence they need to make their visits both more effective and more efficient

Empower your field reps

Because we are uniquely positioned to be able to indicate gaps & opportunities in every location, we allow your field reps to prepare their visits and perform better once they are in. 

By using BeMyEye’s Field Compass, your field sales team will be provided with the fuel that supercharges their ability to create an impact: they will know in advance what they will find inside. 

Save time on store audits

Our unique ability to pair crowd and AI technology delivers high-quality store audits, we give your field team the opportunity to stop gathering data and finally become 100% focused on sales

Spend time on what's valuable

On average, field reps spend 20% of their time in stores collecting data, using up time that could be spent on fixing issues, selling, or visiting more stores. 

Using BeMyEye to collect audit data allows you to relieve field teams from a task that is expensive, time consuming & impacts their ability to increase ROI. And we replace it with cheaper, real-time, certified field intelligence covering more stores and providing more KPIs than your reps would. 

The Retail Execution Cockpit lets you track all KPIs to store level, to monitor and take action on performance

Want to see the magic
in action?

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