Get more from the field

Boost the reliability and accuracy of the data you collect in-store, without it taking away from your time spent selling. In fact – passing your quote just got even easier.

Full visibility

Get clear insights on how each of your sales reps are performing in the field

smart eye

No distractions

Be told how to audit, what to audit and what to fix without even thinking

real-time accuracy

One approach

A standardised method elimates variation in the way audits are run

Data you can trust

Human error is eliminated to guarantee accuracy and reliability

The solution to your sales woes

The field sales team has one job: make sales. But the problem is, there’s so many duties that you have to fulfill once you enter the store; how can you meet your quota AND get everything done in time? If only there was a tool that allowed field sales representatives to be as efficient as possible while still collecting actionable data…

Enter: BeMyEye, the retail execution solutions provider that has built tools to specifically cover every challenge thrown at the field sales team. Don’t want your reps to spend too much time on audits? We’ve got an app for that. Need to track the progress of your reps and see their data without having to follow them out yourself? Our dashboard is your new best friend. Want to just focus on sales and have someone else complete your store audits? We’ve got 3+ million friends who can help.

custom dashboard

Your wishes granted

There are many choices you’ll make throughout your work life, but adding one, two or all three of these solutions to your core stack is the best one you’ll ever make.


  • Collect real-time, actionable data in just a few seconds
  • One picture can collect and analyze several different KPIs
  • Get immediate actionable insights to improve any sales blockers
  • Large teams of reps all follow the same auditing process


  • Assess individual efficiency with the Field Sales Management tool
  • See all store data as it’s collected in real-time
  • View trends, changes and any problem areas on the country map
  • Data accessible to all – and easily integrated into your own CRM


  • Get data from thousands of stores in just a few weeks
  • Allow your internal team to focus on sales
  • All insights are just as reliable and accurate as with your own audits
  • Scale at your own pace for maximum data scope
Retail execution

Why should you care?

You’ve probably seen field sales tools that make big claims in the past, but BeMyEye knows that ours really make the difference.

Keeping the total cost of ownership on us, this solution gives you everything you’ll need to sustain, justify and grow your field sales activity – and by proxy, the revenue generated by it. We take the time to understand your business needs and offer our services accordingly. This isn’t a set-up and go type of partnership; we’re with you the whole way to get you trained, onboarded and in action within 6-8 weeks. After that, our expert team of Customer Success Managers will make sure you’re happy at every juncture, with improvements being implemented thick and fast.



Traffic lights guide you to the next best action in real-time



First-class data processing tech: 95%+ image recognition accuracy

customer service


A team of CSMs dedicated to solving your business problems

What our clients achieve:


up to +30%
execution of your 'Perfect Store'

store visits

up to +60% improvement in field forces ROI

field compass

up to +25% improvement of availability KPIs

Reckitt Benckiser - Rodrigo Moura

“The ROI of our tracking programme with BeMyEye is 4.2, thanks to better data driven decisions in the retail execution.”

Rodrigo Moura
Sales Director at Reckitt

Royal Canin Guillaume Roy

“We’ve managed to monitor the Perfect Store compliance On and Off the shelves, allowing our field forces to take real-time corrective actions where needed.”

Guillaume Roy
Sales Accelerator & Capability Director at Royal Canin

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