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We help CPG companies to get their Perfect Store execution metrics across any type of channel and format, by providing a real-time in-store data to gain unprecedented insights into on-shelf availability, visibility and promo performance.

164 Billion

Are lost in sales every year, in EMEA, due to out-of-stocks


Launches of new products in 2008-2013, but 85% failed and stole spaces


of in-store promotions in Europe, are non-compliant with join-business plan


of consumers make a purchase decision at the shelf

Make your Perfect Store Execution happen

Through our advanced AI-based algorithms, we provide not only real-time data about on-shelf availability, visibility and effectiveness of in-store promotions, but we also give you actionable insights on what are the best next actions for each of your field reps to drive the Perfect Store Execution.

On-shelf Availability

  • Presence
  • Assortment compliance
  • Out-of-Stock (OOS)
  • Peak Trading OOS(PTOOS)
  • Almost OOS (AOOS)

On-Shelf Visibility

  • Number of facings
  • Share of Shelf (SoS)
  • Planogram compliance
  • Display layout (vertical, horizontal, brand block, etc.)
  • Shelf level
  • Price

Promo compliance

  • Promo compliance
  • Share of total display
  • NPI launch
  • Promo stock levels
  • Promo price
  • Location in store

Identify and fix execution issues - in real-time

BeMyEye drives improved PS performance by making the right data actionable – by the right person, at the right time, in the right store.

Through our Retail Execution Cockpit sales managers can get a comprehensive and intuitive view of the performance of their brand, as well as their field sales teams, across countries, regions, chains, drilling down to the single-store level.

Our Field Compass will show your reps where corrective actions are needed, in order to fix execution issues and improve availability level, visibility and promo compliance issues – in real-time.

Enabling the Lean Go-To-Market strategy

Our data dramatically increase the efficiency of your sales team, by allowing your reps to prioritise their retail execution activities, being 100% focused on selling.

We give you the opportunity to stop burdening your reps with data collection tasks and we allow them to constantly focus on what matters, taking corrective actions only across those supermarkets that require attention and get the greatest ROI.

our difference

A turnkey Solution

We collect, process, analyse and deliver data in the way you need

Real-Time, Certified data

We ensure 100% data accuracy in the insight we create

100% Human support

Our Client Services team is dedicated to flawless delivery for each client

What our clients achieve:

up to +40% visibility of stores

up to +60% improvement in field forces ROI

Uo to -100% reduction of "wasted" in-store visits

Royal Canin Guillaume Roy

“We’ve managed to monitor the Perfect Store compliance On and Off the shelves, allowing our field forces to take real-time corrective actions where needed.”

Guillaume Roy
Sales Accelerator & Capability Director at Royal Canin

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