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Join the 2,000,000+ people that have already downloaded the app and earn money by completing short mystery shopping missions in the stores near you

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How it works

We work with large brands like Nestle, Samsung or L’Oréal, providing data on how their products are displayed in stores: for this, we need people like you to collect information in the stores around – and we pay you for that. 

Mission list / Mission map

1/ Pick your mission

Available missions near you can be displayed either on a list, either on a map. You will see how much they are paid and how much time they are expected to take, and you will be able to read the instructions in advance. 

If there is a mission you want to do, don’t wait and book it before someone else does: we will give you some time to complete the mission and it will be made unavailable to others in the meanwhile.

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Go to the store_v3

Itinerary powered by Google Maps

2/ Go to the store

The optimum way to the store is indicated directly in the app (powered by Google Maps). But if you prefer, you can also display it in any of your favorite map apps in just one click. 

We will grant you a bit of time to go to the store, and then to complete your mission once you are there. Just make sure not to start it too late!

Built-in questionnaires and camera

3/ Complete the task within the app

Everything happens in the app: just follow the instructions step-by-step. 

You will be guided in the store: just answer a few questions and take pictures of some products / shelves. When you reach the end of the questionnaire, that’s it: just click “finish mission” to send us your report. 

Complete the task_v2
Get Paid_v2

Money transferred powered by Mangopay

4/ get paid!

After we receive your report, it will automatically be transferred to our validation team that will verify that your mission was done properly as fast as they can. 

We will then send your reward to your BeMyEye wallet and you will be able to transfer that money to your bank account or to your Paypal account in just one click (secured payment by Mangopay). 

What kinds of missions are we talking about?

You will find different types of missions in the app, some of which require specific skills – and are thus being rewarded more money.

Some for instance will require to speak with the store’s staff and report their advice. Others will ask you to photograph the shelves of an entire category via our “shelf scanner” feature. But some are more simple and will just need you to provide a few pictures and answers.

Our advice: check the instructions of the missions before and book the ones you feel you can do. If there are some for which you think you are not ready yet, don’t worry: more experienced users will take care of them.

Icon3-Store check

Store check

Go to a store, answer a few questions and take a few pictures: that’s all

Icon3-Perfect Shelf

Shelf scanner

Photograph the shelves of an entire category in a specific – but 100% guided – way

Icon3-Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping

Speak with the store’s staff to know which brands / products they recommend



Look for specific kinds of stores / locations: every time you see one, just tell us where it is



Hit the street and photograph outdoor elements (like billboards or storefronts)

Icon3-At Home

At home

Answer questions related to what you see on TV, what you think of a brand/product…

From BME with <3

From BeMyEye with ❤️

Since BeMyEye was created, we have put all our efforts into offering easy, fairly paid ways to earn money on the side. 

Our community truly defines us – we have actually even recruited some of our most active users. Be sure that we will always place your interests on top of anything. We’ll always fight to offer as many missions as possible on our app, so you can have real means to increase your monthly budget. And at the same time, we promise that we will keep on learning from our users’ feedback in order to make our missions easier to complete. 

We want to make a difference for the people that need or want it: that is what drives us in our work every single day. 

we're here to reward and support

Level Up

The more missions you do, the more XP you gain, the more advantages you unlock

Get help

Ask any question to our team via the chat in the app, or send an email to support@bemyeye.com

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Our users help each other and help us get better: discuss freely on our facebook groups

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