Promotional Compliance Report

Revealing the impact promotional non-compliance has on the sell-out potential for manufacturers

Looking for a promotion in store has become part of a customers shopping ritual – there are 1,000’s running at any one time. It’s therefore so important that every-one involved in a promotional compliance process takes total accountability for their own individual step along the way.

The average time a customer spends in a convenience store is 5 minutes, during this time 52% miss signs and messages in store, and only 1 in 6 shoppers visit all of the aisles in store. So messaging and stand out is key to attract customers to your promotion. Promotional investments by suppliers are big and not to be taken lightly, it’s worth considering the whole package when you agree a promotion with your customers.

We collected the opinions of more than 100 senior leaders of FMCG, consumer durable and pharmaceutical manufacturers across Europe, on the challenges they face monitoring promotional compliance and the impact this has on their perfect store sales fundamentals.

This report is supplemented with real-life examples of compliance issues we’ve uncovered across snacks, soft drinks, coffee, beer, personal care, pet care and consumer electronics categories, using our crowd of more than 1 million data gatherers.

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