The turnkey solution for perfect store execution

We identify gaps in execution across thousands of stores, putting this directly in the hands of field reps & managers so they can take action where and when it matters

They trust us:

Crowdsourced data powered by A.I.

Get real-time in-store data you can rely on

We leverage a crowd of 2M+ people to collect in-store data, which we analyse through image recognition & machine learning. 

We thus create the most actionable, continuous tracking of retail KPIs, across 20 countries in Europe.

On-the-field support to field forces

Give your sales team the field guidance they need

Our Field Compass drives field reps to take immediate action: we relieve them from the burden of collecting audit data and connect them to real-time feeds that show where the most severe gaps in execution are.

As a consequence, we enable reps to focus immediately on the changes that will drive the greatest sales ROI.

Best-in-class analytics

Monitor your retail execution from your desk

The Retail Execution Cockpit is tailor-made to give you a comprehensive and intuitive view of retail performance across countries, retailers, regions and territories.

Tracking trends & drilling into performance measures is created in Cockpit, where all of your most important KPIs can be analysed as far down as store-level, to enable you to set & communicate actions to those that will make the change.

implement the 'Lean Go-To-Market' strategy

Transform your team into the resource it was always meant to be: empower your field forces with actionable insights and give yourself the intelligence you need to improve your in-store execution by up to 30%.

We make perfect store execution happen in every single store

Reach the ultimate goal of the ‘Perfect Store’ and maximise your sales opportunities. To win at the moment of truth, products must be physically present, displayed the right way, accompanied by their promotional activities, and even sometimes recommended by the store’s staff.

Our objective is to provide you with the metrics you need to master your store execution across channels & formats. By defining and monitoring a number of specific KPIs at the store level, you’ll be able to drive retail execution excellence and build upon your ‘Perfect Store’ strategy.

We tell you when products are out of stock, at the most crucial moments

Avoiding out of stock at peak times dictates the success or failure of almost 70% of retail categories.

BeMyEye’s unique Peak Trading Out of Stock (PTOOS) solution allows manufacturers to continually track & act on gaps in highly time-dependent on shelf availability, to correct store compliance and drive availability gains of up to +10 percentage points.

We give you granular store-level detail on all the major shelf KPIs you need to track

70% of consumers’ purchase decisions happen in front of the shelf, so achieving the ‘Perfect Shelf’ is the most significant battleground for brands today: marginal gains dominate and the last 2cm of execution matters.

BeMyEye’s unique Perfect Shelf solution, powered by crowd & image recognition, allows you to visited customised sets of 000s of retail stores to measure where you are winning and losing on shelf.

Across the fragmented retail channels manufacturers must measure today, we allow you to take tight control of all KPIs, from availability, to assortment compliance, share of shelf and price tracking.

We let you know if stores comply with your promotional plans

Promotional activity is a fundamental tactic that drives incremental sales : retail categories now have up 85% sales on promotion. BeMyEye recognises the challenge in measuring this as activation is often fragmented across channels, banners & 000s of stores.

Our promotional compliance service enables you track the many components of promotional execution (for example; display, availability, pricing) to quantify gaps and take action – either driving better compliance to HQ driven joint business plans, or enabling field force teams to target non-compliant stores quickly & expertly.

We enable you, for the first time ever, to measure the level of brand recommendation you receive in store

The recommendation of professionals in store influences up to 65% of retail and is an essential lever to drive sell-out growth

Our tailor-made brand recommendation service allows you to delve deeply into the DNA of in store interactions : understanding why both you & others in a category are recommended (or not) and quantifying the level of recommendation you receive, so you can take store-level action to correct this.

Ready to take your field force to the next level?

We work with more than 300 leading FMCG, Healthcare and Consumer Electronics companies, such as Nestle, PepsiCo, Ferrero, Samsung, Dyson, GSK, J&J, Henkel, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser and many others.

Samsung - Vangelis Matthaiopoulos

“We’ve generated 30% improvement in retail execution and 70% in the brand recommendation rate of our products by using field data collected by BeMyEye.”

Vangelis Matthaiopoulos
Head of Shopper, Retail and Omnichannel Insights Europe at Samsung

“Our company sets quite high standards, but BeMyEye does the job with attentive attitude to customers and willingness to help 24 hours a day.”

Anastasia Voronkova
Sales Force Effectiveness Lead at GSK

Reckitt Benckiser - Rodrigo Moura

“ROI of our Brand Recommendation tracking programme with BeMyEye is 4.2, thanks to better data driven decisions in the retail execution.”

Rodrigo Moura
Sales Director at Reckitt Benckiser

Juul Labs - Victor Ukrainsky

“The work of mystery shoppers and regular surveys of sellers allow us to identify these gaps, increase the level of legal literacy and responsibility of retailers”

Viktor Ukrainsky
General Manager at JUUL Labs Russia

“The importance of visibility particularly became clear through the insights we got from BeMyEye and we’re now able to spend marketing budget much more effectively.”

Andrea Guanci
Marketing Director at MSC Cruises

Royal Canin Guillaume Roy

“Thanks to BeMyEye, we have managed to monitor Perfect Store compliance On and Off the shelves, allowing our field forces to take real-time corrective actions where needed.”

Guillaume Roy
Sales Accelerator & Capability Director

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