Compass app

Maximize the impact of your field reps: enable them to gather more data in less time, to access powerful analytics and to prioritize their store visits based on expected R.O.I.

Faster store audits

Give your reps a sleek, user-friendly app and limit their data inputs to the minimum

Analytics for the field

Show the priority stores with their details, photos, historical data, issues & recommended actions

Reliable IR

Help reps use IR to its full potential using our 'Shelf scanner' feature, tested with 3+ million users

Perform fast & accurate store audits

We have designed an app for any user to be able to swiftly collect all your store data, by being guided through optimized surveys and photographs of the shelves

Your reps are going to love audits

Our app is based on the features that we have developed for our community of ‘Eyes‘: these have evolved based on user feedback for the last 8 years, enabling 3+ million untrained people in 20+ countries to easily perform store audits. 

We know store audits can be a burden for field reps: “Compass” not only provides best-in-class UX, but it also leverages technology to decrease manual inputs to the minimum. By putting our app in their hands, you will make data collection both exhaustive and efficient. 

IR made easy and reliable

Our ‘Shelf Scanner’ feature guides the user to take overlapping & compliant shelf pictures (no blur, angle or tilt), so Image Recognition can become as performant and scalable as it gets

Without Compass

Field reps have to manually report what they see on the shelves, meaning time being wasted, plus the amount and the nature of the reported KPIs being limited

With Compass

Using our ‘Shelf Scanner’ camera feature, field reps focus on quickly capturing the entirety of a shelf – and we automatically process their pictures to produce all your shelf KPIs

Help your reps deliver more impact

You define the strategy, ‘Compass’ guides your reps to execute it based on a data-driven prioritization system

Give intelligence & guidance

All store data & analytics are directly accessible from the app, as reps just need to select stores from the list view (or the map view) to read all related information.

If you use crowdsourcing , your reps will also be alerted whenever a major issue is detected in one of their stores – and be given recommendations for the associated corrective actions.

Managers set the rules: your reps’ visits are then automatically prioritized based on expected impact – you can integrate sales data for maximum accuracy – and their daily trips are optimized accordingly. They’ll just have to report on the actions they take – directly through the app. 

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