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The best analytics platform for managers

Enter the Cockpit

Maximize the impact of your sales reps: use real-time image recognition to gather more data in less time and take meaningful action while still in-store

The most advanced mobile tool for sales reps

Compass app

Maximize the impact of your field reps: enable them to gather more data in less time, to access powerful analytics and to prioritize their store visits based on expected R.O.I.

On-demand store audits


Leverage 3+ million freelance auditors – better known as “Eyes” – and get a real-time, comprehensive view of your retail execution

image recognition

First-class I.R. technologies

Real-time IR technology

Take action in real-time: pictures captured by your reps use the power of Image Recognition to produce shelf KPIs and recommended fixes in seconds – with 95%+ IR accuracy

Connect to your current stack

API & Integrations

A seamless stack is a happy stack: easily integrate the BeMyEye platform into your current technologies and make connections to your own tools and data sources.

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