image recognition

Image recognition

We automatically process all the pictures taken by your reps and our crowd through Image Recognition to produce your shelf KPIs – with up to 98% IR accuracy

Up to
98% IR accuracy

We employ best-in-class, proprietary deep-learning algorithms to translate shelf pictures into retail KPIs

Real-time feedback
on availability

Get On-Shelf-Availability data in real-time, while your sales rep is still in the store

Up & running
in a few weeks

We ensure faster training and ramp-up phases thanks to 1000s of trained users working on our cloud data enrichment platform

Benefit from first-class IR technologies

We employ proprietary deep-learning algorithms to analyze complex retail scenes and automatically identify product facings, locations, price tags, etc. 

Get any of your shelf KPI

We have developed advanced Image Recognition algorithms based on state-of-the-art Convolutional Neural Networks that automatically analyse retail shelf pictures and convert them into your shelf KPIs with up to 98% IR accuracy:

– Availability & Visibility KPIs: On-shelf Availability, Number of facings, Hand & Eye level, Price, Out of stocks, Share of shelf, Competitor data, etc.

– Promotional Compliance KPIs: Display presence, Display location, PoS elements compliance, OSA/Assortment on display, Promo price tags, etc.

To see the list of all the KPIs we can track, look at our ‘Perfect Store‘ page

Your reps can make the most of IR by using the ‘Shelf Scanner’ feature of our Compass app.

Obtain all your KPIs seamlessly

We automatically scan shelf pictures to feed your KPIs into our Retail Execution Cockpit and Compass app – or to your Sales Force Automation (SFA) / Retail Execution (RE) or BI system via REST API.

Without BeMyEye

You get only what your reps are able to manually report through their current tools, with heavy restrictions in terms of KPIs reported, delivery speed and analytics capabilities

With BeMyEye

You get all your shelf KPIs delivered in real time and automatically analyzed to provide impactful recommendations to you and to your field representatives

Get the whole IR package

Although the performance of our IR algorithms is outstanding, what makes our offer truly unique is the range of additional technologies we combine it with to ensure maximum efficiency.

Rely on us 100%

We use stitching & deduplication algorithms that automatically scan the pictures to rebuild the complete images of the stores’ shelves – that will be then analyzed through our IR technologies

Our solution also leverages crowdsourcing to handle exceptions from IR, via a unique Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) process – which guarantees maximum data accuracy and speed of setup & delivery. And any outstanding issue would automatically trigger an alert for our own team to deal with it.  

No need to care about technical difficulties: our technologies manage them all, so you always only get the true reality of what’s inside the stores. 

Check out our Retail Execution Cockpit, a powerful analytics platform that lets you track all your KPIs and monitor the performance of your team:

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