Sun cream Brand Recommandation

Revealing the most recommended sun cream brands from Pharmacists across Europe’s highly fragmented pharmacy channel

Sun cream brand recommendations, as with any other product, are key for the end customer because it’s create a value in the consumers’ mind and brands add value in several ways. First, brands can help consumers interpret and process the information by simplifying the organization and recall of a large quantity of information that consumers have accumulated over time. Second, brands can provide confidence in purchase decision; that is, buying a well-known brand implies a lower risk. Finally, the purchase and use of a product may evoke feelings, emotions, or provide a means for a person’s self-expression and identity formation.

Sun cream brand recommendations, as with any other product, are key for the end customer, especially if these are recommendations not from a random oncoming customer or friends and acquaintances, but from a person whose professional knowledge and experience can really be trusted, for example, a pharmacist. 

We asked our 1 million on-demand data gatherers to conduct mystery shopping missions in pharmacies across Europe. Over 400 stores were checked in 48 hours, gathering insights of adults and children sun cream brand recommendations, with a high UV rating. 

Find out which sun cream brand recommendations pharmacists gives in Europe in this exclusive report.  

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