MSC Cruises partners with BeMyEye to create ‘The Perfect Store’

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MSC Cruises partners with BeMyEye to improve the effectiveness of its marketing budget, increase revenues and create‘ the perfect store’.


  • Ineffective use of its marketing and advertising budget
  • Verifying the presence of above-the-line marketing in over9,000 travel agencies 
  • No oversight of promotional material implementation at partner travel agencies
  • Huge cost and time involved in using own workforce for verifying and implementing the ‘the perfect store’


  • BeMyEye crowdsourcing insights have helped MSC Cruises implement ‘the perfect store’
  • Through the crowd, MSC can leverage people’s talent, time and locations to gain unique, real-time local insights that will grow sales, spot new opportunities and reduce costs
  • MSC Cruises can continually increase its presence across travel agents and easily  monitor its partnership closely on an on going basis

Want to see the magic
in action?

We can show you how it works via a 15 minute video-call