WEBINAR: "Why In-Store Execution Has Changed Forever - And What You Need To Do To Succeed"

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Hear how RB, Asahi and Ferrero amongst others are changing in store execution

The Coronavirus pandemic is having a profound impact on supermarkets, pharmacies and restaurants & bars; the places where retail staff and merchandisers work to make sure that those shopping around them have a full selection of well presented products to choose from. So how are FMCG and Pharma companies planning to succeed as this new reality unfolds?

To find out we asked Neil Preddy, a research expert and former Nielsen executive, to speak to CEOs and senior sales leaders from 12 companies across Europe. During this webinar, he will showcase how industry leaders are thinking beyond simply reacting to the crisis and how they are seriously working on re-engineering their sales teams and accelerating a more data driven and systematic approach to in-store execution.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 11:00 CET (Duration: 1 hour)

This live webinar is over. However, you can access the replay here:  

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Neil Preddy

Research expert & former nielsen executive

Giovanni Arnese

Partner and Director,
Bain & Company

Luca Pagano


Enrico Galasso

Birra Peroni

Julian Cordy

Group CEO,
Field Sales Solutions

Rodrigo Moura

Sales Director,
Reckitt Benckiser

Luca Divella

Market Research & Quality,

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After he spoke to top decision makers from twelve companies operating in a range of categories and serving the grocery, pharmacy and away from home channels, and having confronted some of his intuitions with the results of the consumer survey run by BeMyEye in 16 European countries, Neil Preddy took the time to structure all his conclusions in a dedicated white paper

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