Improve The Execution Of Your Business Standards

Thanks to our comprehensive analytics stack, we help all kinds of companies that sell products – or services – in physical Points of Sales to track and reach their most significant business goals

A truly flexible data-collection process

Our advanced tracking and analytics solutions offer a flexible way to collect data, obtain insights about your retail execution and take corrective action.

You can equip your sales reps with our ‘Compass’ app or order visits from our community of 3M+ on-demand auditors: all the data they collect – through photographs and manual data entries – is automatically processed to produce all your KPIs.

From the setup stage, through to data collection and delivery, the process is seamless.

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Here are some concrete examples of how we’ve helped companies across a wide range of industries:

On-trade Food & Beverage

Example: Perfect Service audits across bars
- Service compliance
- Service speed
- Presence of brand in cocktails + price
- Presence of brand materials



Example: Age verification & promo checks
- Brand presence
- Presence of a specific product
- Price
- Promo materials checks
- Age verification by documents

Fashion & Sports goods

Example: New Products introductions checks for a clothing brand:
- Presence of promo
- Presence of clothing
- Type of clothing
- Stock level

Furniture & DIY

Example: Planogram Compliance audits
- Presence of brand
- Stock level
- Presence of price tag
- Price
- Presence of promo material
- Location in-store

Toys & Videogames

Example: Toys store audits at Christmas time
- Presence of brand displays
- Display compliance
- Type of display
- Competitors’ displays



Example: Promo compliance audits in travel agencies
- Presence of above-the-line marketing
- Presence of POSM
- Compliance of promotional materials


Example: Auto Stores audits
-Presence of accessories
- Car presence

Utilities, Oil & Gas

Example: Brand performance of Lubricant product
- Lubricant brand’s recommendation in specific category
- Reasons for recommendation
- Presence of POSM
- Share of shelf

Plants & Gardening

Example: Distribution checks across flower shops
- Presence of brand’s section
- Sales compliance
- Price & Quality
- Assortment

Betting & Entertainment

Example: Audits of service provided in betting stores
- Presence of POSM
- Promo compliance
- Staff compliance
- Service compliance

Insurance & Finance

Example: Mystery shopping in banking agencies
-Presence of POSM
- Sales approach via scenario
- Product consultation
- Client survey compliance
- Bank score

cash register


Example: Store audits
- Product quality
- Condition of store & surrounding area
- Presence of POSM
- Checkout line
- Staff compliance
- Presence of price tags

Media & Advertising

Example: Billboards checks
- Scroller presence
- Presence of obstruction
- Screen condition
- Frame condition
- Advert presence
- Station name

Sales & Marketing agencies

Example: Census and location of stores
- Number of Sales aisles
- Number of showcases
- Store address

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Get way more than store data

Our tools provide the intelligence that you need to significantly improve your performance:

– Our Retail Execution Cockpit will help you track your store KPIs, identify issues & opportunities at every level and drive the actions of your teams on the field; and you can connect it to additional data sources, like sales data, to boost our analytics & recommendation engines

– Our Compass app will give your field reps – if you have – direct access to store data & analytics and show them where corrective actions are needed, so they can fix all execution issues – and improve the execution of your business standards

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We'll help you deliver impact

Our CSMs will assist you through efficient onboarding and regular check-ups: our goal is to understand your priorities to get you easily set up and define the rules to effectively route your field reps – if you have – to the stores that matter most.

Also, we’ll help you leverage the outputs of our high-level analyses, so you can better identify trends and spot what KPIs are truly moving the needle for your business.

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A traffic light system that will guide you to the next best action



First-class data processing tech - up to 98% IR accuracy

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A team of CSMs dedicated to solving your business problems

Juul Labs - Victor Ukrainsky

“We have chosen BeMyEye as a priority service provider for their sophisticated technology stack. Their team is dedicated and provided quick results of a consistently high quality.”

Viktor Ukrainsky
General Manager at JUUL Labs Russia

BeMyEye allows us to get performance information to the people that need it in real-time – this is extremely valuable and allows us to take any necessary action in a fraction of the time

James Ahlers
Head of Consumer Insight at Paddy Power Betfair

“The importance of visibility particularly became clear through the insights we got from BeMyEye and we’re now able to spend marketing budget much more effectively.”

Andrea Guanci
Marketing Director at MSC Cruises

“Thanks to BeMyEye, Beintoo will be able to offer to its clients a unique precision, in terms of few meters, of the geo-location of thousands of local businesses. ”

Andrea Campana
CEO of Beintoo

The actionable information on non-compliant stores identified by BeMyEye has generated measurable results: immediate restoration of the correct quantities of stock or right display, and pricing & product placement strategy adjustments

Gianfranco Iuculano
Sales Director, 20th Century Fox

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