World Cup Beer Checks: Peak Trading Visibility and Availability Report 2018

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As England’s hopes ran high for the World Cup to potentially ‘come home’, and the country experienced record-breaking weather, the 2018 World cup was set to be an absolute scorcher for beer brands. With England going through to the quarter finals beer brands couldn’t have asked for a better scenario to boost sales during this peak summer period. However, as our study found, this wasn’t necessarily the case as many brands missed out in the pivotal last 2cm in the path to purchase – in-store visibility and on-shelf availability.

We conducted research into the top performing beer SKUs during peak trading times, revealing the visibility and stock levels in the hours leading up to the highly anticipated England v Sweden World Cup Quarter Final match. Our findings revealed that many SKUs that should have been in-stock had no visibility whatsoever, with one brand having no visibility in 69% of stores visited.Checks were conducted in the crucial hours leading up to England’s big game; Friday 4pm – 8pm and Saturday 11am – 3pm, prior to the 4pm kick off. SKU data on visibility, Out of Stock (OOS) and Almost Out of Stock (AOOS) was collected by our crowd of more than 1 million on-demand data gatherers.

Our analysis showed that the SKU with the best availability during the peak trading times was the Budweiser 4 x 440ml pack at 89% – the kind of statistic you would expect for a brand that has widespread sponsorship of the World Cup! The same successes in availability could not be said for the competing beer brands such as Coors light, who had no visibility in 55% of supermarkets checked.

With availability being the biggest challenge facing the sell-out potential, growth and penetration for beer brands, this research provides a snapshot of the work needed to improve this sales fundamental. Improved forecasting, allocating store staff or using third party sales forces to replenish items are just a few of the ways that these brands could cater for the increase in demand. Considering the pressures supermarkets are under, losing sales in times of high footfall to low availability is like scoring an own goal! 

To find out more about the results of our research, and how in-store availability and visibility affected beer brands this World Cup, download the free report here: 

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