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Supercharge your retail execution using real-time image recognition: track, analyze and take action on all your brand’s in-store KPIs in just a few seconds

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BeMyEye shelf scanner

The most advanced mobile tool for sales reps

Maximize the impact of your team in the field

Equip your field reps with Compass: the app that gives them access to actionable insights in seconds – through just a few pictures of the shelf.

Their photographs are automatically processed through image recognition and machine learning to produce your retail KPIs and give them recommended actions in real-time, while the rep is still in-store.

Global store tracking - using crowdsourcing

Optimize your store coverage

Unlock global data: leverage our on-demand crowd of freelancers to perform additional store audits, so your team can go and solve any issue that’s been identifed.

We feed all the collected insights (incl. proof pictures of the shelves) directly to your reps and leverage A.I. to reprioritize their store visits based on their expected impacts.

Retail execution
bemyeye dashboard

The best analytics platform for managers

Monitor your retail execution from anywhere

Cockpit is the all-in-one analytics platform that lets you monitor all your in-store KPIs and connect with other data sources – e.g. sales data – to better understand their impact.

From the shelf to your desk, Cockpit fully guides you in identifying any trends and issues with your retail execution, and directly communicates priorities to those who can make the change.

Make the most of the moment of truth

70% of consumer decisions are made at the points of sale; if you want to boost your sell-out, give your team the insights they need to optimize your presence inside the stores

Ready to take your retail execution to the next level?

We work with more than 300 leading FMCG, Pharma and Consumer Electronics companies, such as Nestle, PepsiCo, Ferrero, Samsung, Dyson, GSK, J&J, Henkel, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser and many others.

Samsung - Vangelis Matthaiopoulos

“We’ve generated 30% improvement in retail execution and 70% in the brand recommendation rate of our products by using BeMyEye’s field data.”

Vangelis Matthaiopoulos
Head of Shopper, Retail and Omnichannel Insights Europe at Samsung

“Our company sets quite high standards, but BeMyEye does the job with attentive attitude to customers and willingness to help 24 hours a day.”

Anastasia Voronkova
Sales Force Effectiveness Lead at GSK

Reckitt Benckiser - Rodrigo Moura

“The ROI of our tracking programme with BeMyEye is 4.2, thanks to better data driven decisions in the retail execution.”

Rodrigo Moura
Sales Director at Reckitt

Juul Labs - Victor Ukrainsky

“We have chosen BeMyEye as a priority service provider for their sophisticated technology stack. Their team is dedicated and provided quick results of a consistently high quality.”

Viktor Ukrainsky
General Manager at JUUL Labs Russia

“I found BeMyEye to have a pragmatic & flexible approach in applying the technology to new opportunities, specifically in leveraging to explore new avenues around driving compliance.”

Mark Ridout
Strategic Insights Lead at PepsiCo

Royal Canin Guillaume Roy

“Thanks to BeMyEye, we have managed to monitor Perfect Store compliance On and Off the shelves, allowing our field forces to take real-time corrective actions where needed.”

Guillaume Roy
Sales Accelerator & Capability Director

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