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Perfect Store

Ensure an ideal shopper experience for your brand in every single store: with BeMyEye, you can now track and act upon all the metrics that you use to define your ‘Perfect Store’

More than 70%

Of consumers make a purchase decision at the shelf

More than 52%

Of stores are not compliant to Perfect Store standards


sales lost due to preventable execution issues

It's time to finally master your in-store execution

You rightly put time and efforts in defining the standards for your products in stores – availability, visibility, promotions, recommendations, etc. We now give you the ability to monitor all of them – and, by doing so, to better understand what your ‘Perfect Store‘ looks like – and to take action whenever an issue is detected. 

out of stock

On-shelf availability

If you want to increase your sell-out, your first priorities must be to ensure your products’ availability and to monitor stock issues – especially at peak trading time. Most brands are far from doing it properly: for instance, more than $164 Billion are lost in sales every year in EMEA only due to out-of-stocks. 

What we track:
– SKU presence
– Out-of-Stock
– Stock levels by threshold
– Stock levels at peak time

On-shelf visibility

Optimizing the visibility of your products is a key battle for brands: you need to need to understand both if everything is set according to your plans, which is rarely the case – for instance, less than 50% of shelves are compliant with planograms – and if they perform well against the competition.

What we track:
– Number of facings
– Share of Shelf
– Planogram compliance
– Assortment compliance
– Display layout (vertical, horizontal, brand block, etc.)
– Hand & Eye level, Shelf number
– Price
– Competitors data 

on shelf visibility
promo compliance

Promotional compliance

As other CPGs, you may spend anywhere up to 20% of your revenue on promotions, hoping that it will significantly increase your sales. But, as 59% of manufacturers worldwide, you may actually report losing money on them: if you want your promotions to be effective, you need to monitor their execution better and understand what is not working.

What we track:
– Display presence
– Location in store
– Number of displays
– Promo OSA & Stock level
– Presence of competitor SKUs in display
– Presence of POS elements
– Share of extra displays
– Promo price

Brand recommendation

In some retail channels – pharmacies, consumer electronics stores, specialty stores, etc. -, the recommendation by the store’s staff drives up to 65% of purchase decisions. So if you operate in these, tracking and securing their opinion has to be what’s most essential for you.

What we track:
– 1st recommended brand
– Prompted recommendation
– Reasons why
– 2nd recommendation
– Quality of recommendation
– Other Mystery Shopping KPIs

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