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We’ll closely work with you to define your view of the KPIs that critically contribute to the ideal shopper experience, and we will build a customised measurement service to track these continuously across retail channels, formats and banners

More than 70%

Of consumers make a purchase decision at the shelf

More than 52%

Of stores are not compliant to Perfect Store standards

More than 4%

Sales is lost due to poor in store execution

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To win at the moment of truth, products must be physically present, displayed the right way, accompanied by their promotional activities, and even sometimes recommended by the store’s staff.

On-Shelf Availability (OSA)

Ensuring physical availability across the modern trade, especially when it comes to peak trading time, is the biggest challenge facing sell-out potential, growth and penetration of a brand. 

What we track:
– Presence
– Assortment compliance
– Out-of-Stock (OOS)
– Peak Trading OOS (PTOOS)
– Almost OOS (AOOS)

On-Shelf Visibility (OSV)

The shelf is the shoppers’ first point of interaction with your product. For this reason your products must not be simply available on-shelf, but also visible and correctly displayed against your Joint Business Agreements. 

What we track:
– Number of facings
– Share of Shelf (SoS)
– Planogram compliance

Display layout (vertical, horizontal, brand block, etc.)
– Shelf level
– Price

Promotional compliance

Promotional activity is a fundamental Perfect Store tactic, however, the successful activation in store is always a challenge to be measured, with promotional activity often covering a multitude of channels, stores, and multiple countries. 

What we track:
– Promo compliance
– Share of total display
– NPI launch
– Promo stock levels
– Promo price
– Location in store

Brand recommendation

The professional opinions of a member of retail staff (or a pharmacist) is essential for increasing market share and sales performance. According to recent shopping behaviour studies, brand recommendation drives 70% of consumers purchase decisions. 

What we track:
– 1st recommended brand
– 2nd recommended brand
– Prompt brand recommendation
– Reasons why

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