Make your Retail Execution Perfect In Every Pharmacy

We track your sales fundamentals and KPIs, across every type of pharmacy in Europe, empowering your sales and marketing teams with real-time, actionable data to prioritize their commercial activities.

3-4% p.a.

long-term growth rates of OTC market above GDP and CPG industry

-2.4% gap

in growth rate of multinationals vs smaller, local competitors in 2018

2.7% VS 4.5%

growth rate of large brands VS small, independent brands


of purchase decisions on OTC products are driven by pharmacists’ advice

Get the deepest insights on your retail execution effectiveness and which actions you need to take

We provide the metrics you need to get full control of your retail execution activities. We track product distribution, visibility and brand recommendation rate of your OTC brands across hundreds of thousands of pharmacies and mass-market stores in 20+ countries.


  • 1st recommended brand by pharmacists? Why?
  • 2nd recommended brand by pharmacists? Why
  • Prompted recommendation? Why
  • Brand sentiment, Knowledge & Advocacy


  • Presence of top SKUs by store / territory / cluster / country
  • Share of shelf (in facings)


  • Promo compliance
  • Off-shelf display identification

Drive your reps and detailers to fix execution issues in pharmacies and monitor their performance

We provide sales managers with a comprehensive and intuitive view of the pharmacies performance across countries, clusters, regions, territories, helping them to discover high-level trends & risks, while quickly and simply drilling down to store-level actions.

We drive your reps and detailers where corrective actions are needed, in order to fix execution issues and improve your brand advocacy before it is too late.  

Enabling the Lean Go-To-Market strategy

Through our flawless data delivery, we dramatically increase the efficiency of your sales team and allow your reps and detailers to prioritise their retail execution activities, being 100% focused on selling.

We give you the opportunity to stop burdening your reps with data collection tasks and we allow them to constantly focus on what matters, taking corrective actions across pharmacies that require their attention and drive your retail execution activities to the greatest ROI.

our difference

A turnkey Solution

We collect, process, analyse and deliver data in the way you need

Real-Time, Certified data

We ensure 100% data accuracy in the insight we create

100% Human support

Our Client Services team is dedicated to flawless delivery for each client

What our clients achieve:

Up to +40% in-store visibility

Up to +60% field force ROI

Up to +67% brand recommendation

up to -100% "wasted" visits

“Our company sets quite high standards, but BeMyEye does the job with attentive attitude to customers and willingness to help 24 hours a day.”

Anastasia Voronkova
Sales Force Effectiveness Lead at GSK

Reckitt Benckiser - Rodrigo Moura

“ROI of our Brand Recommendation tracking programme with BeMyEye is 4.2, thanks to better data driven decisions in the retail execution.”

Rodrigo Moura
Sales Director at Reckitt Benckiser

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