Probiotics brand recommendations

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Revealing the brand recommendations of pharmacists for OTC Probiotics across Europe. In association with Nicholas Hall.

Probiotics is the largest growth category in OTC preventative medicine with the European probiotics market generating sales of €1bn in 2017 alone. Recommendations given by pharmacists on which probiotics brand to purchase is hugely influential in a consumers decision making process, and should form an integral part of a manufacturers’ go to market strategy.

We wanted to find out what brands were succeeding in this hyper-growth category, so we deployed our crowd of more than 1M data gatherers to find out. 500 independent pharmacies and chain chemists were visited across the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Poland, to reveal the top brands being recommended for probiotics by pharmacists. This report also reveals the reasons given for recommending a brand, and the pharmacists’ advice on the benefits of using probiotics. The visits were completed in just 7 days. 

Find out which brands pharmacists are recommending across Europe in this exclusive report, released in association with Nicholas Hall.  

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