Easter consumer survey

We surveyed our Eyes about their consuming and spending habits over the Easter period in the UK, Italy and France

This Easter is expected to put a spring in sales within many industries, as total consumer spending for the holiday is projected to reach over £1.2 billion just in the UK, which means a 6.7% increase on the previous year. Also, according to researches Easter consuming habits especially affects on chocolate sales as it continue to represent nearly 10 % of Britain’s annual spending on chocolate.

This year at BeMyEye we decided to take an in-dept look at this market trend. We sent out a questionnaire to 600 of our “Eyes’ across the UK Italy and France. We wanted to find out their spending and consuming habits over the Easter period and get a more extensive view on the subject. The 600 ‘Eyes’ surveyed encompassed an age range from 18-40.

Some highlights of the report:

  • Nearly half of participants are planning to buy chocolate eggs.
  • Ferrero is the most chosen chocolate egg brand in Italy and France, while Cadbury dominates the UK market.
  • More than 50% of consumers are planning to make the majority of their purchases in supermarkets.

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easter consuming habits report

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