Cold & flu report brand recommendations

Highlighting the most recommended Cold & Flu brands by pharmacists across 9 European countries. 

Brand recommendations are a crucial stage for any brand that wants to increase their presence within the pharmaceutical industry and ensure growth. This point becomes even more evident during the cold & flu period, where over 70% of purchase decisions for the associated medicines are driven by the pharmacists’ advice.

This report aims to explore growth opportunities and key areas of improvement within the fast-growing sector of Cold & Flu drugs. We asked our crowd of on-demand data-gatherers to visit pharmacies in the UK, Italy, France, Spain, Russia, Germany, Poland, Belgium and Sweden, and ask for cold & flu recommendations. We visited 100 pharmacies in each country (900 in total) in less than 5 days.

Thanks to that data, you will be able to see that trends are changing quickly and you will understand the impact brand recommendation has on market share. Based on that knowledge, we have also built a detailed projection of the future of this category. 

By reading this report you will learn:

  • the most recommended brands by pharmacists in 9 key European markets – and the reasons behind those choices
  • which brands will be future category leaders
  • which brands’ market share will erode over time if they don’t improve their share of brand recommendation

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Cold & Flu brand recommendations report

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