Lower gastrointestinals study

In association with Nicholas Hall, we provided an in-depth exploration of the most recommended Lower Gastrointestinal brands by pharmacists across Europe.

In 2019, the global Gastrointestinal market size was $34 billion. Inside that market, the Lower Gastrointestinal category – which includes laxative products, antidiarrheals, antispasmodics & IBS remedies (plus GI-oriented probiotics) – is one of one of the most dynamic, as its growth currently outperforms the rest of the consumer health market, reaching nearly 7% in 2018 and adding $653mn in net global sales. 

According to recent market research studies, key growth drivers include high-profile consumer promotions, new product developments (including new formats, increased efficacy, multi-symptom presentations) and pharmacists’ brand recommendations (advice given by pharmacists on specific brands when consumers ask for a Gastrointestinal medicine).

As with any other go-to-market strategy in pharma (*), brand recommendation is thus crucial for brands that want to increase market penetration and sales. Our study reveals the most recommended Lower GIs brands across 7 European countries – Italy, UK, Spain, France, Poland, Germany and Russia – in more than 700 pharmacies.

In the last section of our report, we have provided detailed insights on how to translate that data into action by leveraging the innovative “Lean Go-to-Market” model, which can boost your field force productivity and allow them to be 100% focused on selling. 

By reading the report you will learn:

  • Which Lower Gastrointestinal brands are the most recommended by pharmacists across Europe
  • What the key growth drivers are for that category
  • How to translate and use brand recommendation insights and increase your salesforce effectiveness 

(*) Our field research has shown that the pharmacists’ advice on specific OTC brands influences up to 70% of the consumer decision-making process

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Lower Gastrointestinal brand recommendations report

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