Peak trading out of stock report

4 countries, 12 categories, 19 supermarket chains, 280 industry experts, 400 SKUs and 40,000 peak trading OOS checks.

Availability is the biggest challenge facing the sell-out potential, growth and penetration of a brand. Especially during sales and periods of peak demand for products, FMCG companies are forced to respond quickly to ongoing changes in competition for the availability of their products on the shelf. We have used our extensive database of field data gatherers to collect comprehensive real-time insights into what is happening with in-store execution at the trading peaks, when and what  problems arise during peak out of stock trading, what negative effect they pose to manufacturers and how they can be avoided without losing profits or reduce losses during at this periods, which is extremely important for them. 

This study reveals the truth faced by manufacturers in their battle with creating marginal gains through on-shelf availability during peak out of stock trade (lunch, evenings and weekends). We like to call this battle, the last 2cm.

Some highlights of the report:

  • OOS effects sales in 92% of instances
  • 80% find it challenging to measure peak trading OOS
  • The worst performing SKU recorded a 100% OOS rate
  • The worst performing market for OOS  is the UK  

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