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We have conducted an in-depth analysis of the main in-store KPIs that drive growth within the Dry Pet Food category. We have revealed the brand recommendation rate by the retail staff, on-shelf presence and promotional materials presence across 6 European countries, covering both specialised Pet Stores and Modern Trade channels.

In 2019, Europe accounted for a significant market share of 30% in the global pet care products (including dry pet food) market, with forecasts predicting a high potential increase along the next few years.

For any manufactures that operate in the market, implementing valuable go-to-market strategies and finding gaps across the execution of pet products, is crucial. Studies have found multinational companies suffering a lack of growth due to increased competition from the regional & small local brands. In the FMCG, 53% of the category growth is driven by 16,000 small companies.

Another barrier to growth is represented by the fragmentation of the retail landscape. Pet products are distributed across the modern trade, as well as specialised and independent pet stores, where tracking availability of products, visibility and brand recommendation is traditionally extremely challenging.

In this report, we provided an in-depth analysis of the most critical in-store KPIs in the Pet Food’s category – “brand recommendation”, “on-shelf availability” and “promo presence”. Thanks to our crowdsourced community of almost 3 million data gatherers, we were able to collect data within independent Pet Stores and the modern trade channel, across 6 European countries: the UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Russia.

In the first part of the report, we highlighted the most recommended Dry Pet Food brands in specialised Pet Stores whilst also providing additional insights into the presence of in-store promo materials.

The second part was conducted across Modern Trade. We provide a picture of what truly happens on-the-shelves, in terms of Dry Pet Food presence. We also checked for extra-displays/promo materials in the Pet Food area of supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Some highlights from the report:

  • In 41% of the cases, retail staff in Pet Food Stores was not proactive
  • Royal Canin is the most recommended Dry Pet Food brand across Europe for both Dogs and Cats categories. The overall RC’s brand recommendation rate at European level is 37% for Dogs, and 45% for Cats.
  • At European level, the brands with the highest level of On-Shelf Presence in modern trade are Pedigree in the Dogs category (82% of the supermarkets visited) and Nestlé Purina in the Cats category (98% of the supermarkets visited). 

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