Retail execution cockpit

We provide the analytics solution a field manager needs to track the performance of its team and monitor a perfect store execution strategy

do you know how severe gaps in execution really are?

Only 55% promotional compliance *

Only 35% availability & visibility *

Only 67% Brand recommendation *

* Average statistics comparing  promotional plans and commercial agreements to actual execution (2018 & 2019 internal studies)

Get holistic field intelligence

As we have data gatherers everywhere and the technology to directly process it, we provide you with the detailed retail KPIs from all stores, giving you up to +40% visibility on your in-store execution

Without cockpit

You only have access to the information from the POS that your field force visited, and this data is often incomplete, unstructured and little objective

With cockpit

You get the KPIs from every store across channels and formats, and you get it in the most comprehensive, organized, certified way

Identify gaps & opportunities

As we have developed best-in-class field analytics solution, we enable you not only to quickly identify large trends and risks, but also to assess the situation at the most granular levels

Go in the right direction

Because we deliver data from all stores across 20+ countries on a user-friendly analytics platform, we are the best at helping sales managers spot issues and monitor perfect store execution.  

By using BeMyEye’s Retail Execution Cockpit, you will be able to display any in-store KPI (availability, promotional compliance, share of shelf, recommendation rate, etc.) at any level (country, store type, store chain, store, SKU, etc.), making it easy for you to find the insights you need to take the right decisions. 

Bring the analytics revolution to your sales team and understand quickly how you can grow your sales. 

Track your team's performance

As we report your execution at all levels,  we give you the means to understand how your field reps are doing so you can provide personalized, precise guidance to every one of them

Help your Reps become better

Managing a field team is not easy: not being with the reps when they visit stores, it can be quite hard for you to understand what they are doing right or wrong – and how you can help them improve. 

By giving you the concrete results of their work on different axes, we make it possible for you to identify your reps’ flaws, give impactful feedback, set clear individual objectives and check how they apply your advice. 

Get more control on what your team is doing and help each of its members become more effective.


Your field reps can also be guided in their daily routine by having access to in-store insights directly on their phone

You’ve seen how we help managers off the field, check how we help sales teams on the field:

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