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Retail execution cockpit

Discover the best analytics platform for offline retail: monitor your in-store execution, identify issues & opportunities at all levels and drive the actions of your teams on the field

kpi trends

KPIs trends & analytics

Understand your performance across countries, retailers and regions, down to store level

custom dashboards

Custom dashboards

Use our ready-to-use dashboards or make your own depending on your priorities

picture gallery

Pictures gallery

Access the reps’ reports in one click and see the reality of the field with your own eyes

identify gaps

Identify gaps & opportunities

Understand your in-store performance like never before: our analytics platform is built to let you spot higher level trends & risks, but also to quickly and simply drill down to store level action. 

Go in the right direction

Our Retail Execution Cockpit provides a powerful tool for managers to monitor their retail execution and to easily spot all issues & opportunities. 

Using our platform, you can customize the display of any in-store KPI, at any level (country, store type, store chain, store, SKU, etc.). You can also directly access all the reports sent by our crowd / your reps through Compass, including pictures taken in stores. And you can connect our tools to external data sources, like sales data, for our algorithms to analyze the impact of each KPI and boost their recommendations. 

It’s time to bring the analytics revolution to your team – and to prioritize the actions that will really help you grow.

custom dashboard
retail intelligence

Get holistic retail intelligence

However you choose to collect you in-store data – crowdsourcing, equipping your field team with our Compass app, or a mix of both – you’ll be provided with detailed KPIs from all the points of sales that you want to monitor. 

Without cockpit

You get limited, incomplete & unstructured store data reported by your field force (or external sources) and you have to build your performance analyses & dashboards on your own

without cockpit

With cockpit

You get all your KPIs from every store across channels and formats, and you get them on a user-friendly & customizable platform that also gives you insights and recommendations

with cockpit

You want to connect our data to your own tools? Check our integrations. 

team performance

Improve your team's performance

We give you the means to better organize the work of your field representatives, to directly communicate priorities to them and to give them personalized advice

better field sales

Help your reps become better

Managing field teams is not easy: it can be hard to organize their work, but also to understand what each rep could improve individually.  

Using ‘Cockpit’, you can identify issues in real-time and update your team’s priorities accordingly, as your instructions are communicated to them through ‘Compass‘. And as you get a comprehensive overview of the results of their work, it becomes easy for you to give them feedback, define their individual objectives and check how they apply your advice. 

You are now given the opportunity to get more control on what your team is doing – and help each rep become more effective.


Empower your field reps with a first-class mobile tool to collect store data using IR, report on the actions they take and access powerful analytics:

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